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This page is for restaurant staff members.

If you are a restaurant manager looking for the Decision Logic Mobile App, see this page. 

If you are looking for Employee Scheduling information, click here.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Creating Your Account

First, check your inbox for an email that was sent to the address you provided to your manager.

  • Search your email for if you are having trouble locating the invitation or the password reset email
    • It may have been moved to a junk or spam folder depending on your email settings. 
    • Please note, Gmail is now hiding the Spam folder.
    • For Hotmail users, add to the safe senders' list. 
    • For work or school email address, you may want to reach out to your IT contact and ask them to allow the sender's domain in their email system.

Next, click or tap the Create Account link in the email. 

Fill in the fields here, then click or tap the Create Account button.

You will then be prompted to download the app.

Click or tap the link for the type of device that you are using.

The minimum operating system versions are Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0.


Logging into Employee Central 

Download the Employee Central Application to your device using the links to Google Play or Apple App Store sent in your email. 

Then log in using the credentials that you set up when creating your account.

If an employee gets a new mobile device, they will need to download the Employee Central device and use the same credentials to log in.

Forgot Password?

Select Forgot Password on the Employee Central, login screen to reset your password. 

  • If your manager has entered both an email and a phone number for the Employee Roster account, then the forgot password request can be sent to either your email or phone number, both options will work.
  • If your manager has only entered an email for the Employee Roster account> then the forgot password request will need to be requested using the email option to get an email link generated and sent to your email. 
  • If your manager has only entered a phone number for the Employee Roster account > then the forgot password request will need to be requested using the phone number option to get a text link generated and sent to your phone. 
  • Password resets expire after 1 day. If more than one day has passed since the Forgot Password option has been selected, you will need to place a new request. 

View your Schedule 

After you log in, you are taken to your schedule for the current week.

To view options, tap the menu in the corner.

Tap Availability to see the days and times that you are available to work.

See below to change your availability.

You can also view the full schedule, which includes all employees that were scheduled for the date you are viewing. 


Submit an Availability Change Request

Tap Availability.


For the day that you want to change, tap the icon for the action that you want to do.

Green + to add availability, red X to remove availability, pencil to edit availability.

Each of these actions is a request and will go into a list for your manager to approve or deny.

They will be labeled Pending until your manager approves or denies the request.

Tap the red Undo icon to cancel your request.


Shift Swapping

Offering a Shift

You can offer any shift to other staff members by tapping on the right arrow.

Then choose the staff member(s) to whom you want to offer the shift and tap Next.

Enter the reason that you want to give for offering the shift and tap Next.

Your shift has now been offered to the staff member(s) selected and it will be labeled as Pending Shift Change


(warning) Please note that you can only offer shifts to staff members that you share the shift's job with

Picking up a Shift

You can see the shifts that have been offered to you by tapping the badge in the upper right corner of the screen.

Tap the Available Shifts option to see the shifts.

Tap a shift to either ignore or accept the shift. Ignoring dismisses the shift.

If you change your mind about ignoring the shift, please see your manager.

Accepting the shift means that you want to pick it up. 

Your manager will need to approve the shift change before it shows up on your schedule 



(warning) Please note that you can only pick up shifts if you share the shift's job.

Request Time Off

Navigate to the option Screen and Select Request Time Off

Select the Date you need on the Calendar

To Select More than one day, you will want to select the beginning date first and then select the ending date. 

Select the Next button. 

Add comment and Select Send Request.

If you want to cancel your request prior to sending it, you can select the Back button. 

After submitting your request, you will get a Time Off request Confirmation message and the dates will be displayed for your confirmation. 

You will also be able to view your Pending, Approved, and Denied Time Off requests. 

View your Activity History and Log Out

To view your Activity History, tap the Options menu, then Activity History.

You can view all of your Availability change requests, Time Off request, and Shift Change requests.


To log out, tap Log Out from the Options menu.

This takes you back to the login screen.

Rehired Employees using Employee Central

The Employee Central password reset currently does not work on employees that were previously using the Employee Central app, and was later terminated and then rehired.

  • In this situation, your team will want to contact us with the rehire's full name, location, and restaurant concept and we will get the account reset.
  • You will want to share this information with your GMs and Administrative team. 
  • After we reset the employee's account, they will then be able to use the password reset feature on the app and a message will be sent.
  • You may want to confirm that current phone and email information is entered into the Employee Roster.
  • You may also want to see if your employee is set up to use the Text option or the email option (you can find this in the Employee Roster).
  • Decision Logic does have plans on addressing in the future.

For additional questions or assistance, please submit a support ticket by visiting the Decision Logic Help Center.