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Reduce the time it takes to inventory by organizing your inventory guides sheet to shelf.  

Ingredients can be added to multiple locations within one inventory guide and moved to match the store shelf setup.

To access the store setup page navigate to Inventory Home > Guide Setup Tab     

(star)Note, you will want to select the store you want to edit before clicking the Guide Setup Tab.

The Inventory Guide Setup Page is separated into two columns.  

The left column contains all active ingredients available for inventory and the right column includes the locations in which ingredients can be assigned. 

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

For additional questions or assistance please submit a support ticket by visiting the Decision Logic Help Center.

Adding Ingredients to a Location

Select an ingredient from the left panel and drag it to your location of choice.

  • If moving one ingredient, drag the ingredient directly to the location.
  • If you want to move several items at the same time, you will want to hold down the Ctrl Key and select the ingredients. 
  • You can then drag and drop those ingredients into an Inventory Location.

To remove an ingredient selection, un-check the box next to the ingredient

To remove all ingredients from selection, select the Clear All button located above the ingredients

After ingredients are selected drag the ingredients/s over to the location and drop to assign them to the location.

(star) To Sort, Rename or Delete Inventory Locations displayed on the Inventory Guide navigate to Maintenance > Product > Inventory Locations

See Inventory Process for details on placing an inventory.

Organize Ingredients within a Location

  • After ingredients are sorted into locations the user can then sort the ingredients within the location.  
  • To sort the ingredients, select and drag the sort arrow button and move the ingredient to the position of choice. 

Hide Inventory Location

The Hide Location option on the Inventory Guide Setup page is referring to hiding the locations from the Inventory Guide only.

This will not hide the location in Inventory History. 

Removing Ingredients from a Location 

  • Once an ingredient is added to a location select the red to remove the ingredient from the location.  Select Remove to confirm

Adding Comments

  • Comments can be added to each ingredient in each location.
  • Simply place the cursor in the comment section and type.  

(star)Note, the comment will be saved automatically.

  • Comments will also be inherited from the Inventory Set.  

(warning) The store level comment will overwrite the comment set at the Inventory Set level.

Sorting and Filtering

  • The left pane list all ingredients available for inventory (see Inventory Sets to edit the available ingredients).
  • To search the available ingredients use the drop-down menu to Sort by Name A-Z, Name Z-A, Newest or Oldest.

  • The ingredient list can also be sorted by Active, Inactive, Hot Item, Non-Hot Item and All.

Flag Inventory Ingredients as Active, Inactive, Hot item or Non-Hot Item

Hot Item

  • Hot item Inventory is a daily inventory guide of select products.
  • Ingredients that are selected for the hot item inventory can be added through Inventory Guide Setup.   
  • To select an ingredient for the Hot Item Inventory select the ingredient gear icon and check the box for Hot Item.
  • The item does need to be moved out of the unassigned location at the store level guide to be flagged as a hot item. Once they do this they should be able to flag any item as hot at the store level.

  • Ingredients that are selected as Hot items are denoted with a red flame. 

  • To view the items selected for Hot item inventory sort the ingredients by Hot Item.

Inactive vs Active

  • Ingredients can be flagged as active or inactive to help reduce the clutter of the inventory guides.  
  • Inactive ingredients will be removed from the inventory guide setup "active" list as well as the inventory guide. 
  • Select the ingredient gear icon and mark Inactive.  
  • Marking an item Inactive will make the ingredient visible only when sorting by inactive ingredients.

  • To make the ingredient active search for the ingredient under "inactive" and un-check the inactive flag.

Copy Inventory Guide Setup

Inventory guide set up can be copied to mirror another store setup.  This functionality can reduce time in the initial setup process when adding new stores.  

To copy an Inventory Guide Set up from one store to another:

  • Select the store of choice by using the store drop down.
  • Select Copy Setup and select the store in which to copy from 

Select Confirm to continue or Cancel.

(warning) Only ingredients available at both stores on the master inventory set from Maintenance > Inventory Set will be copied.