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The Decision Logic ready-made dashboards equip you with Company Health, Labor, and Day Part information.

Selecting a Dashboard

Enable Dashboards

View all Dashboards & Features

Navigate to Reports > Sales and Ranking > Dashboard

  • To change dashboard views select an alternate dashboard from the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner. 
  • The dashboards that are currently available are Company Health, Labor, and Day Part.

  • Users with Company, Region or Group level access can adjust the stores included in the dashboard by clicking on the Show Store Selector button and adjusting the hierarchy.

Dashboard Detail

  • A user can view data for the widget metric by clicking on the Information icon.

The widget panel will flip over to revealing widget detail or roll-up data.

Company Health Dashboard

  • The Company Health dashboard provides a snapshot of metrics directly related to the company’s financial health. 
  • The top two graphs consist of a trailing year sales and guest count chart and comparative sales and guests for the current period. 
  • Additional widgets for current week guest count, comparative sales, reductions, and sales vs. last year, and department level are included in the second row of the dashboard.

Labor Dashboard

  • The Labor dashboard provides a snapshot of labor metrics for the current week. 
  • The top two charts are a Labor% to Sales dollar chart and a Sales to Labor Cost comparison. 
  • The second row of dashboard includes pie charts breaking out labor dollars and labor hours by job code, and WTD labor % and BOH productivity widgets.

Day Part Dashboard

  • The Daypart dashboard provides several visualizations of day part data. 
  • The top two charts allow the user to analyze daypart sales dollars and compare day part PPE to day part productivity. 
  • The second row includes pie charts for day part labor dollars and daypart sales 

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

For additional questions or assistance please submit a support ticket by visiting the Decision Logic Help Center.

All training videos are located in the /wiki/spaces/CKB/pages/1121779733