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The Operations > Labor Scheduling > Employee Availability page is used to set or edit employees' availability using the Decision Logic website. 

(grey lightbulb) Consider having hourly employees use the Decision Logic Employee Central app to set their own availability, request time off and swap shifts on the go.

Add and edit an available time

Navigate to Operations > Labor Scheduling > Employee Availability

  • If you are a store manager, your store will already be selected. Otherwise, select a store from the menu in the upper right-hand corner

  • Type the employee's name in the search field or scroll through the list of employees to find the one you want to change
  • Move the mouse cursor over the day, then click the pencil icon to Edit

  • In the Edit Availability window, click the pencil icon to edit
    • Use the time pickers to choose the beginning and ending dates for this availability; click
    • Click the save icon, then click close

  • To Delete an availability, click on the pencil icon to open the Edit Availability window
    • Click the red X to remove, then confirm that you want to remove it, then click close

For additional questions or assistance please submit a support ticket by visiting the Decision Logic Help Center

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