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Entering inventory on the go has never been easier! The article outlines how to enter inventory in Decision Logic’s Digital Manager mobile app.

Need help downloading and configuring the app? Click the link below to get started.


The Inventory feature of the Digital Manager app can be used quick:

  • Regular & Hot Item Inventory Count Entry

  • View Status and Two-Week History

  • Multiple-User Simultaneous Entry

Video - Entering Inventory

Check out this short video on how to enter inventory in the Digital Manager mobile app. Prefer to skip the video and go straight to the detailed step-by-step instruction? No worries! Keep scrolling.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

For additional questions or assistance, please submit a support ticket by visiting the Decision Logic Service Center.

Getting Started

Entering an Inventory through the Digital Manager is easy! Just follow the instructions below.

Open, Available, & Posted Inventories

On the Inventory Entry screen, first, ensure that you have desired Store selected.

  • Open Inventories have been started but not posted

    • In Progress Inventories are ready for Inventory Counts to be entered

    • In Review/Variance Inventories have counts entered and are limited to items outside of the Variance Thresholds (info)

  • Available Inventories are un-started and are displayed as the Inventory Date

    • Regular Inventories do not have an icon next to them

    • Hot Item Inventories are denoted with the (blue star) Flame Icon

  • Posted Inventories cannot be opened or edited through the Digital Manager App


Variance Thresholds are set to positive 10% and negative -10% by default.
For questions about making changes to these configurations, please contact your Decision Logic Account Manager.

Entering Inventory Counts

  1. Select an Inventory Location you want to enter counts for

  2. Swipe left or right at the top of the screen to move to a different Location

    1. Inventory count entries are continually saved locally to your device if you have strong WiFi or Data internet connection.

    2. Inventory counts Sync automatically when switching between Locations
      (warning) Press Sync before moving to an area where WiFi or Data internet connection is unstable, such as a Walk-In Cooler

  3. Enter Counts for Inventory Items

    1. Click an Inventory Item, and a Calculator will appear

    2. After entering the first count, press the Next button to go to the next item down

    3. When you are finished using the Calculator, press your device’s back button or click in an empty white space

    4. “---” in the entry field indicates that no value has been entered

  4. Once all counts are entered for an Inventory Location, the View Summary button takes you to the Inventory Location overview

Posting Inventory

  1. After all Inventory Locations have counts, press Post
    (warning) Multiple Users can enter inventory counts for different locations when logged in with different user names and passwords
    Each user must Sync after each location’s inventory counts are entered
    Only one user should press Post

  2. The Variance screen displays Inventory Locations with the number of items that are outside of the Variance Thresholds (info)
    (warning) This is your last opportunity to make changes before Finalizing your Inventory Count Entry

  3. When you are finished reviewing the Variance, press Finalize

  4. Success!


Variance Thresholds are set to positive 10% and negative -10% by default.
For questions about making changes to these configurations, please contact your Decision Logic Account Manager.


The actively selected Inventory Item is displayed above the entered digits at the top of the calculator.
As you hit next, this will change to the subsequent item on the list from top to bottom.
The selected item is also visible through the opaqueness at the top of the screen.

The Inventory Measure of the item (LB, EA, OZ) is displayed next to the entered digits on the calculator.

Cancel can be pressed at any point to return you to the inventory guide.

(star) We highly encourage practicing calculator use before entering counts for the first time using it.


Below are additional things to note when entering inventory counts using calculations.

  • The numbers are calculated left-to-right, regardless of × or + operator positions.

    • Examples:
      2 + 2 × 2 = 8
      2 × 2 + 2 = 6

  • Decimals are rounded to third place (thousandths).

  • The result of a calculation will be automatically displayed.
    This actively displayed value is entered when Next is pressed
    If = is not pressed before pressing Next, the result is entered as the count.

    • When no number is entered before pressing next, the count is entered as 0

    • (warning) When a number is displayed, then an × + operator is added, then Next is pressed, the calculator will use the number that is actively displayed to finish the equation.
      This resulting number is displayed briefly before moving to the next item.

      • Example:
        2 × 10 ×Next = 400
        2 × 10+ Next = 40

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