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To utilize invoice functions in Decision Logic for accounting and accounting export purposes please set up the following options.

Navigate to Maintenance > General > PPC Maintenance

Create Vendor

Create vendors to utilize invoicing features for accounting and accounting exports. 

These will also be a required map to distributors in order to tie electronic invoices to orders placed in Decision Logic. 

See the related topic on Maintenance > Distributors

  • Select Vendors tab

  • Select New

  • Define Vendor Name

  • Define Vendor Number

    • The account number for the vendor accounting package is expecting

    • Select Entry Type

      • Default .standard invoice entry

      • Corporate Only

      • Split Entry Only: Apply an invoice to multiple stores for the same invoice number. 

      • This will remove that vendor from Invoice Entry vendor list and add it to the Split Entry Only vendor list.

      • If you receive an invoice from that vendor that only has one location, you would still enter it via the Split Entry Only page. 

  • Check for Cap limit

    • Define limit amount, This limits the dollar amount invoices can be entered for this vendor

    • Check as Active

    • Save


  • Select New to create and enter Account Name for the type of accounts each vendor will use.

  • Define the Account Number as used in your accounting package.

  • Check Active

Paid In and Paid Out 

Check this box if the account is used for both Paid Outs and Paid Ins

Accounts set up as Paid outs can be pull Paid Outs and Paid Ins from your POS system. Submit a support ticket using our Customer Support Portal to see if a task exists for Paid Out import with your Point of Sale.

(star) Once the task has been enabled by Decision Logic, you will want to enter the Account in PPC Maintenance and then map the POS ID in POS Admin.

Paid outs can also be entered manually on EOD.

Enabling Tax for Orders and Invoices

see Manual Receive with Tax

  • Decision Logic supports a single Tax account. Do not flag multiple accounts as Tax.
  • Taxes will come over on the item level detail for E-Invoices
  • For setting up Manual Distributors see 
  • Note this does not calculate tax, but rather gives you the option to enter tax during Manual Receive process 

Navigate to PPC Maintenance > Create Sales Tax as an Account

  • Create New Account name: Tax
  • Check Tax box.
  • Enter Account number if needed for Accounting exports.

Assign Sales Tax Account to Vendors

Navigate to PPC Maintenance > Vendor Accounts

  • Assign Sales Tax account to all vendors needing to track Sales Tax.

(star)Note, currently Decision Logic only supports 1 tax account per vendor.

Vendor Account Assignment 

  • Select a Vendor from the drop-down list.

  • Select the type of account each vendor can write to from the left pane of Available Accounts one at a time and use the >> to assign the account.

  •  Once an account has been assigned to the vendor it will display in the right pane under Assigned Accounts.

Vendor Transaction Types

To create, Edit or Delete Transaction Types for each vendor, you will want to take the following steps:

  • Select New

  • Enter Transaction Type name or description

  • Enter the Export code from your accounting package

  • Define Check Required where applicable

    • For use for example on Beer or Liquor vendors or where payment is required upon delivery and an AP or Fintech system is not in place.

    • Check number can then be entered on manual receive page

    • Mark as Active

    • Define Invoice Total Restriction

      • None

      • Positive

      • Negative

Vendor Types

  • Select a Vendor from the drop-down list.

  • Select the transaction-type each vendor will use from the left pane of Available Types one at a time and use the > to assign the account.

  • Once a transaction type has been assigned to the vendor it will display in the right pane under Assigned Types.

Vendor Store Assignment

Assign stores to the vendor. This will allow the store to enter invoices under Invoice Entry or Ordering Home Manual Receive check create invoice where allowed.

  • Select a vendor from the drop-down

  • Select a Store the vendor will write to from the left pane of Available Stores one at a time and use the > to assign the store to that vendor.

  •  Once a store has been assigned to the vendor it will display in the right pane under Assigned Stores.

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