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This page houses some of our accounting-related articles, information, and benefits.

Decision Logic Accounting Platform provides a comprehensive view of restaurant transactions and performance with an actionable Profit and Loss statement and robust restaurant data. Export data into your accounting package of choice with a third-party integration to reduce overhead expenses and remove a double entry.

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  • Budget
  • P&L
  • Electronic Invoices
  • Inventory Extensions
  • Flexible Chart of Accounts
  • Localized Invoice Entry
  • How can my stores get insight into their weekly P&L?
  • How can my Invoice data get to my Accounting packages?
  • How can I get my inventory extensions into my accounting package?
  • How can I ensure all order products are assigned to an accounting category?
  • Custom and Actionable P&L
  • Access to Robust Data
  • Declining Budget Analysis
  • Exports

 Budget Report

Decision Logic’s Active Budget Control or Declining Budget allows you to design a customized budget that automatically updates as a result of the daily procedures performed for each store in Decision Logic. The Budget Report gives end users a live P&L based on budgeted and actual amounts by accounts set up in DL.  


Decision Logic Purchases are displayed as invoices under Operations > Purchases > Invoice History, Invoice Log, and Invoice Summary. Invoices can be sent electronically from the distributor, entered with a manual receive or by Invoice Entry.


Decision Logic offers a generic accounting export that can be pushed into customers accounting platform.

Shelf Extensions

Shelf Extensions are inventory value extensions customers can download into an excel spreadsheet. Below is a list of features, benefits, values, and articles related to accounting features in Decision Logic.

Web Based Platform

Accounting Calendars with FAQ - V6

Budget Entry V6

Budget Report Maintenance

How do I run the Daily Sales Report (DSR) & what information does it provide?


Invoice Import

Paid Outs Report

PPC Maintenance

Shelf Extensions - V5

Shelf Extensions - V6

What and where is the Cost and Variance report, and how do I customize or export it?

What and where is the Payroll Report?

Where can I find & view the Current Sales by Date (CS&H) report, & what information does it provide?

Which accounting method is used to determine product cost in reports?

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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