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This article shows users where to find the Line Check History on Decision Logic’s platform from a web browser and what information it displays.


The Line Check History report allows users to view line checks that have or have not been posted based on the date selected and provides filtering options. Stores can be assigned to multiple schedules, and each schedule can have multiple times for completing line checks. Posted line checks cannot be edited. Information presented in this report comes from entries through the web browser platform and Digitial Manager mobile app.


This video shows you where to video the Line Check History and Temperature Log report.

View Line Check History Report

Begin by navigating to:

Reports > Line Check > Line Check History

This page displays the date, store name, completed and total line checks, the number of failed items, and the view option. In addition, the Line Check History Report displays stores based on your profile permissions.

Follow these steps to view and filter Line Check History.

  1. Select a Date.

  2. Click View.

    1. This page displays:

      1. Line Check Name

      2. Check Type

      3. Results

      4. Time Entered

      5. User Name

      6. Comments, if entered

      7. Date Posted

      8. All items on the Line Check

        1. Green: Pass

        2. Red: Fail

  3. Toggle Exceptions Only to view items that failed or line checks not entered.

  4. Toggle Temperature Only to view items with hot or cold temperature Check Types.

    1. You can toggle both Exceptions Only and Temperature Only.

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