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The Performance Sheets Maintenance is used to create one or more Performance Tracking Sheet (PTS or Sheet). Each Sheet is assigned to the applicable stores, and then groups are created (sets of Job Roles and Times for PTS Entry) and given metrics with values. Each layer should be designed with the target results and evaluation in mind. Each metric within the PTS is assigned a metric type, parameters for what can be entered, and values to give weight to the entry in the total score of the PTS.

Common Uses

This page is used to create assessments for employee shifts - usually to be entered daily by a store manager in the Performance Sheet Entry page. An employee's weekly score is ranked against other employees of the store in the Performance Sheet Daily Report. The resulting reporting is generally used for

  • Labor Scheduling

    • Shift allocation

    • Floor-chart section choice

    • Cuts

  • Rewards

    • Money

    • Swag

    • Prizes

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How to Use This Page

When designing Sheets and their sub-aspects, it is best to navigate using the links at the top-left corner of the pages, just below the site menu.

Before You Begin!

Below you will find a diagram outlining the page’s workflow. The colored bubbles highlight some important points:

  • The ‘Totals’ metric type can sum any combination of other metric types, including metrics used in other ‘total’ metrics

  • Once a Job Role is used in a Sheet, it cannot be re-used.

    • For example, if a Job Role such as Busser can’t be assigned to the FOH and BOH Groups.

  • Stores are assigned per Sheet, not per Group.

    • For example, If there is a metric for a group that is specific to Job Role that is not shared by all stores, an additional PTS needs to be created.

  • Job Roles can be re-used in separate Sheets, but Stores cannot.

  • Groups are created per Sheet and can’t be copied to another Sheet.

  • Metrics are created per Group and can’t be copied to another Group.

Workflow Diagram

Add, Rename, Delete, Save, and Sort

This can be done with Sheets, Groups, and Metrics

  1. To add a new item, click the the button with the green (plus) sign at the top right.

  2. Name the item and select Save.

  3. To rename it after saving, click the Name button with the pencil icon, type the new name, and select Save.

    1. For Metrics, this is done through the Edit button.

  4. To delete it, click the Delete button with the waste bin icon, confirm that this is what you want, and select Remove.

  5. To sort the items, click anywhere that is not a button and drag the row to the desired position.

    1. Sorting is available for all pages in Performance Sheet Maintenance except Sheets

(star) If a Save button is not available, any changes will be saved automatically and a message will appear at the top with the change that was made.

Groups and Stores

  1. Click the Edit button with the pencil icon of the Performance Sheet for which you want to add one or more groups and stores

  2. Use the Groups and Stores tabs at the top to navigate between them.

  3. When creating a group, consider the Job Role of the employees for which the Performance sheet will be entered.

    1. These are commonly named Front of House, Back of House, Bar, Host, etc.

    2. Remember that the stores you assign here can only be used once between all performance sheets.

  4. The name of the Performance Sheet that you are in appears above the tabs


Once a Metric is created, click the Edit button and a sub-menu will slide into view from the right to edit the Metric’s attributes and values.

The name of the Group that you are in appears above the tabs


The “No” choice is given a value of 0.

The “Yes” value defaults to 1, but can be assigned.

Values must be a whole positive integer between or equal to 1 and 999,999,999


Min and Max values must be assigned

Values must be a whole number between -999,999 and 999,999

For example, for a metric named “Uniform Cleanliness”, a range mix/max might be 1 to 10.

Multiple Choice

Choice Names must be added and assigned values

Values must be a whole number between -999,999 and 999,999


Choose the Metrics you want included in the Total Metric

Although a Metric of Metric Type ‘Total’ can’t be added to another Metric of the same type, the same metrics can be re-used in any number of totals.


This tab is used to assign Job Roles to the Group being edited.

The Jobs that are listed are established for Employee Scheduling via Maintenance > Labor Scheduling > Labor Scheduling Maintenance, where one or more Roles are defined per POS Labor Code. They are then assigned per employee in the Employee Roster.

If there are Job Roles that are utilized by another Performance Sheet, their checkboxes will be grayed out and unavailable to select.


This tab is used to assign times or shifts (Day Parts) for which the Performance Sheet’s Group should be entered.

For example, if the Group should only be assesed prior to a Lunch shift, the checkbox for the Dinner shift should be left unchecked.

(info) These Day Parts are established by your company during the initial integration and implementation phase of their partnership with Decision Logic. If changes need to be made you will want to contact your Decision Logic Administrator and Account Manager. Keep in mind that adjusting them will affect multiple other pages in the site that utilize Day Parts, such as Daypart Analysis and Custom Reports.

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