To Create a new Order Guide navigate to Maintenance > Product > Order Guide 

Create a new Order Guide

  • Under the Order guide tab select New

  • Enter a name for the Guide

  • Select the appropriate distributor from the drop-down.  This maps this order guide to the selected distributor. 

Add Products to an Order Guide

  • Under the items tab select add items

  • Search for item numbers for navigating by account to see items available to add to the guide

  • Place a check next to the item you wish to add to place it on the order guide

  • Define the location

Stores will have the ability to drag and drop and organize the item into their store-specific order location under the Ordering Home > Guide Setup Tab.

(warning)It is not recommended to remove stores from order guides as it will reset their store-level sort 

(star)Note, adding an item to an order guide does not add the item to your Inventory Guide

Adding Stores to an Order Guide

  • Using the Stores tab in Order Guide Maintenance you can assign a location to an order guide.
  • After assigning the stores, the locations will be able to see the order guide in the drop-down in Ordering Home when placing orders. 

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