Inventory Home - V5

Inventory Home is a centralized location merging Inventory, Hot Item Inventory entry, and history. Decision Logic consolidates all of the most commonly used inventory functions for store-level operators into a single page view. This article supports clients who have not yet merged to V6 web application.

To Access Inventory Home 

  • Navigate to Operations > Inventory > Inventory Home

Page Overview

  • Store Selector

  • Inventory History (Weekly and Hot counts)

  • Enter Inventory 

  • Guide Setup. 

User Functions

From the Inventory Home landing page, based on permissions, users will be able to enter, view or edit.

  • Enter Inventory

  • View Inventory Guide

  • Sort Inventory Guides

  • View, Change, or Edit Inventory History

To view or edit an Inventory or Hot Item Inventory

in the right pane, click on the inventory week in the Inventory History or Hot Item History pane.  Inventory Detail will only display in the right pane for inventories with a status of Posted or Finalized

To view the full report, Request Change, Edit, Open, or Delete

  • Right-click from the inventory History panel on the main Inventory Homepage and select an option

  • A user's functions are defined by user permissions defined by Profile in Profile Maintenance.

To Enter Inventory

Navigate to Enter Inventory to enter a Hot item or weekly Inventory

To Sort Inventory Guide

Navigate to Guide Setup to learn more about how to sort an Inventory Guide, Create a new Inventory Set, and Maintain Inventory Locations

To Move an inventory to a new date

see Move an Inventory to a New Date

To Skip an Inventory

see Skipping an Inventory

Inventory  Change Requests

see Inventory Change Requests 

Inventory Approve Changes

see Change Approval

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