Where & how do I create profiles?

This article provides Decision Logic Administrators details on how to create, edit, copy or delete a Profile on the web browser for the V6 platform.


Decision Logic’s Profile Maintenance page where users will create profiles, define security permissions, select reporting scope and access, assign dashboard visibility for each profile created, and attach individual users to a profile.

A brand may want to group access to features of the web application based on roles and responsibilities, such as:

  • Corporate.

  • DL Admins.

  • Franchisee.

  • Support Team.

  • Regional / Above-store Managers.

  • Store Manager.

  • Accounting Team.

What’s the difference between a Profile and a User?

A profile is a set of pages and security permissions granted to a particular role or category.  Multiple users can be assigned to a profile which provides the same access to all users assigned to that profile.

Users are individual people attached to a profile and can connect to multiple profiles simultaneously.  Check out this link to learn about individual Users!

How do I create, edit, copy, or delete a profile?

Before creating a profile and attaching a user, the individual users, stores, groups, regions, and companies (company hierarchy) must be created in advance.

Creating, editing, copying, and deleting a profile is inside the Profiles tab within the Profile Maintenance page.  Assigning pages (features) and dashboards, defining permissions, reporting scope, and access also occur in Profile Maintenance. They must be defined, or users will not view anything once logged in.

Maintenance > Company > Profile Maintenance > Profiles

Create a Profile within the Profiles tab:

  1. Click New Profile. 

  2. Label the Profile Name for the role or business department.

  3. Select the Profile Type.  Profile type determines what type of notifications the profile will receive.  

    1. Pro Tip:  If ‘DL Admin’ is your preference, click Store first and re-click DL Admin.

  4. Click Save.



  5. Click Add User to attach an existing user to the Profile. 

  6. Select the User from the dropdown.  The User’s Scope (store access settings) is defined when creating the user. However, you can make adjustments here if needed.

  7. Click Save.


Edit a Profile set within the Profiles tab:

  1. Highlight the Profile set.

  2. Click Edit Profile.

  3. Update the Profile Name and change the Profile Type if needed.

  4. Click Save.


Edit or Remove an attached User within the Profiles tab:

  1. Highlight the Profile set.  A list of linked users will appear.

  2. Click Edit or Remove next to the individual user.


Edit allows you to change the user or user’s security Scope (store access settings) and Save.



Remove will detach the user to that profile set.  A confirmation box will appear for you to select OK.  If users are not attached to a profile, they cannot log into Decision Logic’s platform.


Best Practice:  Remove employees who are no longer part of your brand to revoke access to Decision Logic’s platform.


Copy a Profile within the Profiles tab:

  1. Highlight the Profile set.

  2. Click Copy Profile.

  3. Rename the Profile and Save.  When making a copy, you must change the Profile Name and add users to that set. 

Copying a profile will duplicate the Profile Name, Type, and access to Pages assigned to the original profile. Therefore, users associated with the original Profile will NOT copy over.


Delete a Profile within the Profiles tab:

  1. Highlight the Profile set.

  2. Click Delete Profile.

  3. A confirmation box will appear for you to select OK.

By design, the system does allow you to delete data (users) that have historical reporting. We do not allow you to remove old managers either. Removal would have adverse effects on reports that have the Managers tied to them, such as EOD Process entries, Inventory, and the Time Stamps report.


 If you have any questions about deleting anything from the system, it is recommended that you consult with us first so that you don't create unintended consequences. 

FAQ Profile Maintenance

If you have a Manager or user who needs to see more than one store, they must be attached to a profile with a scope higher than Store. There are three options:

1. Assign the user to a profile with the necessary scope to see all the stores this manager needs.
2. Give the manager a user for each store that they need to see. This is not ideal.
3. Create a new Group for this manager and add them to the Area Director profile. Again, this is not ideal since it requires moving the store hierarchy and would affect any manager at a store.

Adding Managers to the End of Day

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