Decision Logic Digital Manager

Welcome to the Decision Logic: Digital Manager app!


Here's how to get started:

  1. Download and install Decision Logic: Digital Manager.
  2. Open Decision Logic and navigate to Operations >> User Settings >> Mobile Settings.
  3. Open Decision Logic: Digital Manager, you should see the camera view. Point the camera at the Mobile Settings that are open on the Decision Logic website.
  4. The QR code should be captured and you should see a success message.
  5. Tap the back arrow to go to the login screen.
  6. Log in using your Decision Logic username and password.

If your camera does not work, or you otherwise cannot capture the QR code, tap Enter API Key on the Configuration screen and enter the Manual API Key displayed on the Mobile Settings page in Decision Logic.

If your QR  code is removed for any reason, tap the Configuration link on the login screen and you will be able to capture your QR code again.

After you've logged in!

Once logged into the app, you will see a summary for your stores at the highest level you have access to for yesterday's date.

The app uses the permissions that you have for the Current Sales & History report in Decision Logic.

See quick trends!

Those lines along the sales and labor numbers aren't just for decoration – that's your 30-day trend
You can choose options to compare the totals to:

  • Day compares the total to the day prior to the date you choose.
  • Week compares to the same day, last week.
  • Year compares to the same day, last year.

Down below, you'll see all your stores listed with their +/- on the chosen comparison
We've included the ability to capture stores that need action taken. Tap the filter icon to set your limits on sales and labor so you can quickly target stores that need attention.

  • Move the sliders to filter on sales totals and labor percentages.
  • Tap the Action Required button to filter down to stores your filter captures.
  • Tap All Locations to see the original view with your filter in place.

Rotate for an enhanced view

Rotating the screen to horizontal will give you sales and labor information on your stores. Rotate the phone back up to get back to the summary screen.

You can choose to view your labor by the following representations:

Labor $ Dollar

Labor Hours

Labor % Percent

SPLH Sales Per Labor Hour

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