Process Payroll - V5

This article is intended for clients who are processing payroll on Decision Logic’s V5 web application.

Additionally, this article assists managers or payroll administrators to validate payroll and post before exporting for third-party payroll processing.

Decision Logic Payroll Process

  • Decision Logic can be configured to receive Labor information from your Point of Sale and Employee Onboarding solution. 

  • Feature availability is dependent on your Point of Sale solution. 

  • For questions about integrated solutions contact 


  • Reporting will log in and out information, capture time clock records, employee pay rates, and job codes from the POS that can be exported and passed through to payroll processing companies.

  • To view reports on these records they must be populated with Employee Roster and Employee Information for each store.

 Decision Logic can automate Employee Roster and Employee Information from Aloha with AlohaEmpDetail UDT Integration or Employee Onboarding solution. 

Store Level Payroll Process

Decision Logic Payroll reporting is based on pay rates and job codes entered in Decision Logic. See: Employee Roster, Adding Job Codes, Pay Rates, and Store Assignments.

 Be sure to always validate your Employee Roster contains correct Employee Roster#EmployeeInformation

Validating Payroll

To review and approve weekly payroll and employee information navigate to Operations > Payroll > Store Payroll.

  • Select the payroll week that is to be approved and click the Next button.

Payroll Alerts

Unknown Jobs

  • This page lists employees who have clocked in and out for a job code that is not assigned on the Employee Roster.

  • It will also show any clock-ins from macros that do not have an employee record attached to them in DL under Unknown Jobs.

  • You cannot proceed to process until all Employees and jobs are mapped in DL.



Unknown Employees


Suggested Terminations

The Terminate Inactive Employees page displays employees that have not worked a shift during the last 30 days as suggested terminations. 

  • To terminate an employee check the Select box to the left of the employee to be terminated or click the Check All button at the top of the page to select all of the employees listed. 

  • Select the appropriate Term Type, Rehire Status, Primary Reason, and Effective Date for each termination.

  • Enter your Username and Password.

  • Click Terminate to finish the termination process. 

Note, if there are not any employees that need to be terminated, bypass the suggested terminations by clicking the Next button at the bottom of the page to continue on to the next step in the payroll approval process.

Process Payroll

  • The final step in the approval process is to validate all payroll information on the review page and process the payroll week.

  • The Payroll Report gives a summary table at the top

    • Job Code Count

    • Hours

    • Overtime Hours

    • Reg Pay

      • A summary of pay by job code

    • OT Pay

      • Overtime pay

    • Total pay

    • Tips

      • A Sum of CC Tips + Declared Tips from the point of sale + Decision Logic Tip Share 

    • Average wage by job code 

    • The daily clock in and out detail by each employee

  • To approve the payroll week click the Process Payroll button 

 Note, once payroll has been processed for a week the store payroll process is locked from additional changes unless someone with appropriate security rights unlocks the payroll week.

  • Once payroll is unlocked to update the report run the UDT client for the date of the change.

Administrator Weekly Payroll Download

  • The Process Payroll page is the information center for payroll personnel. 

  • The Process Payroll page provides a view of

    • missing labor data

    • status of posted weekly payroll data

    • download of payroll information

Navigate to Administration > Payroll > Process Payroll

  • The Process Payroll page uses a tab system to view or download data for the store(s) and date ranges selected at the top of the page

Missing Files

  • The Missing Files tab is used to validate that Decision Logic has received labor files for all valid days in the payroll period. 

  • Days with a green checkmark represent days the data has been imported for. 

  • Labor data has not yet been received for days with a red X.


  • The Status tab is used to validate that a store has posted payroll for the selected weeks. 

  • Weeks that have been posted will have a green check and the username of the posting manager. 

  • Weeks that have not been posted will be indicated by a red X.

Payroll Download

  • To return a standard payroll export select Download.

  • Data and format should be validated by Payroll Providers for integration.  

The Download tab creates an export of payroll data and prompts the user to Open, Save, Save As, or Cancel the file download.

Download Contents will contain a .csv file for

  • .EMP file EEIF (Electronic Employee Information Form)

  • .CLK file for Employee Time Clock information 

 .EMP Headers



Tran Date

Hire Date

First Name

Last Name








Sex Code

Race Code

Primary Job Code

Primary Job Rate

State Marital Status

State Dependents

Federal Marital Status

Federal Dependents

Term Reason




.CLK Headers


First Name

Last Name




Time In

Time Out

Job Code




Credit Tips

Credit Sales

Preserving Payroll Export History

You may want to consider as a best practice saving the payroll exports you use in Decision Logic Documents along with any employee write up forms.

Finalize Terminations

  • You do not need to use the finalize term page as long as previous POS IDs are not used by future employees.

  • It is only recommended this function be used after the payroll period to 'free up' old pos ids from terminated employees that may be reused by new employees.

  • If employee POS ids are being reused in your organization this function is a required part of payroll functions in Decision Logic to allow POS IDs available for use by future employees.

 Please note using the finalized term page will remove employees from historical reporting if their POS ID is used by a new employee. To preserve your payroll reporting export, consider storing the data in Documents

  • As a best practice, it is not recommended to re-use POS Ids for employees.

    • In the event this occurs, you will need to do one of the following

      • Either change the EEIF record of the termed employee to a new (unused) number in the Employee Roster

      • Use the Finalize Terms function to "free up" that POS id for use by a new employee in the Decision Logic database.

    • This allows for the employee to be through the termination process and releases that employee number back into the system. The employee will remain in between “active” and “terminated” until this process is complete.  If termination is finalized before the end of the payroll period, and the employee number is reused, this will cause duplicate records.

Navigate to Reports > Employee Info > Finalize Terms

  • View all employees waiting to be term finalized.  Select “Finalize”

Tip Share

Decision Logic supports two types of Tip Share management. 

  1. Tip Share: A manual Entry of Tip share for Employees on day worked

  2. Micros Tip Share: an integration to pull from Micros

Navigate to Operations > Store Payroll > Tip Share

  • Select a store and date to enter tip share

  • Names of Employees who worked that day who were pulled from the POS will appear on the second screen

  • Enter the amount of Tip Share for the employee

  • Scroll to the bottom of the employee list and select Save


This info will carry over into payroll reports as determined during implementation. 

Micros Tip Share

 Decision Logic UDT can integrate with Micros to pick up Credit card tips, and cash tips from indirect tip entry field in Micros Point of Sale. 

 Tip share must be entered into the indirect tip line in Micros.

Micros Tip Share Trouble Shooting

  • If tip share entry is done late, please ensure the tips are entered under indirect tips in micros (not direct tips) and run UDT.

  • Select the Tip Share task via UDT.

  • Wait for the task to complete successfully.

  • Check the payroll report. Missing tip share should appear.

  • Contact for additional assistance

Credit Card Tips

Credit Card tips report under the CC Tips header in the payroll report.

Indirect / Cash Tips

Indirect/ Cash Tips report under the Tip Share in the payroll report.

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For additional questions or assistance, please submit a support ticket by visiting the Decision Logic Service Center.

Unable to access this feature in the Decision Logic platform?

  • Contact your Decision Logic Administrator to make Scope and Security adjustments to your user profile and/or add new features.

  • Some features are client-specific.