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Purpose & Common Uses

The Performance Sheet Entry Page is almost always used by store managers and operators to fill out a Performance Tracking Sheet (PTS or Sheet) for employees that are assigned to his or her store. These are most commonly entered daily. Although only one Sheet can be assigned to one store, multiple entries may need to be completed if the performance sheet contains multiple Groups (sets of grouped Job Roles) and/or Day Parts (shift Times).

An employee's weekly score is ranked against other employees of the store in the Performance Sheet Daily Report. The resulting reporting is generally used for:

  • Labor Scheduling

    • Shift allocation

    • Floor-chart section choice

    • Cuts

  • Rewards

    • Money

    • Swag

    • Prizes

The manager who posted the Performance Sheet can be seen in this Performance Sheet Entry page

Table of Contents

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How to Use This Page

Dates and Store Selection

The date selector defaults to the current calendar date. Performance Sheets cannot be completed for future dates.

Once the Entry button is selected for the Group and Time, the date and store cannot be adjusted until returning to the first page.

If the User visiting this page is assigned to more than one store, they are available from the Store Selector at the top right. Otherwise, the store that he or she is assigned to will be selected by default and the dropdown grayed-out.


Once Group is selected, the Entry Sheet will populate with Employees who meet all of the following conditions:

  • Scheduled for a shift

    • At the selected Store

    • On the selected Date

    • During the selected Day Part

    • Working a Job Role included in the selected Group

Job Roles are assigned to Groups in the Performance Sheet Maintenance Page. Job Roles are established per POS Labor Job Code in Labor Scheduling Maintenance and assigned to individual employees in the Employee Roster.

If an Employee or Job Role is missing from the Performance Sheet Entry, contact your Decision Logic Administrator.


  1. After selecting the Date and Store, click the blue Entry button with the clipboard icon of the Group and Day Part desired.

    1. If any of these are incorrect, select Cancel to return to Entry Groups

  2. Per Employee row choose the appropriate selection per Metric

    1. Yes/No checkboxes can be left unchecked for a value of 0, or checked and given the value displayed above the Metric.

    2. Range fields must be given a value within the range of the values displayed above the Metric.

      1. If a value outside of the range is entered, the field outline will turn red.

      2. The form cannot be submitted unti a value within the range is entered.

    3. Multiple Choice fields should have a Choice selected from the dropdown. Leave it blank to score a value of 0 for the Metric.

    4. Total columns cannot have values entered but are the sum of other fields.

  3. As each field is filled, the page will auto-save the values entered, but will not populate the Performance Sheet Daily Report until the Group’s PTS is compete and Posted.

  4. The Sheet can also be Printed using the Print button at the top right - to be completed manually with pencil and paper, then later entered through the site.

  5. Select Post once all fields have the appropriate values entered.

  6. The initial Performance Sheet Entry Groups page will now display the Group in the Sheet as Posted by displaying the Date, Time, and User.

If a shift for an employee is scheduled over the DayPart cut-off, the shift will land the employee in the DayPart that has the most scheduled time for the shift.
DayParts: Lunch 10 am - 3 pm, Dinner 3 pm - 10 pm
Employee’s Scheduled Shift: 12:00 pm - 8 pm, 37.5% Lunch - 62.5% Dinner
Employee will be available on the Performance Sheet Entry page for the Dinner Shift