Performance-Based Scheduling and Tracking Overview

How to Get There and Why

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Performance Tracking in Decision Logic is designed as a tool for the store and above-store managers to evaluate employees based on customizable metrics. While similar to Line Check, a Performance Tracking Sheet (PTS or Sheet) allows its creator to assign weighted values to specific metrics, yielding results that are fine-tuned to the needs of the business and more accurate ranking capacity. They can also be used in conjunction - a ‘yes/no’ line check item, “PTS completed for all Groups and Day Parts” can be added to a Line Check Schedule!

Performance Tracking is commonly used for evaluating

  • Daily employee pre-shift readiness

  • Daily employee post-shift closing procedures

  • Employee or manager performance monthly, quarterly, etc

  • Company or menu knowledge, understanding, and retention

More recently, Performance Tranking has been used to ensure employee health and guest safety with pre-shift COVID symptom checks for temperature, symptoms, and exposure risks.

Performance Tracking is included in Decision Logic’s Labor Scheduling package.

Proven Results

A store manager who actively engages with staff using Performance Tracking champions the upholding of company standards while creating accountability for both parties. It gives the store and above-store operators a tool to implement hiring and scheduling strategies - putting the right people in the right place at the right time. Staff is also more prone to take pride and ownership of their responsibilities when they are frequently assessed on them. There has been a lot of research and evidence infusing that well-executed Performance Tracking for shift-readiness yields:

  • Higher guest satisfaction

  • Increase in repeat traffic

  • Increase in staff efficiency - and better labor stats

  • Lower staff turnover

Common Uses

The real-life use of the results varies widely, but is most commonly used for Labor Scheduling. The Performance Sheet Reporting can be used to rank staff based on total, or any scoring metric, for the previous labor week. Common rewards include:

  • Choice of floor chart section

  • Entry for prize levels

  • Bonus pay, vacation, etc.

  • Promotion

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  • Performance Tracking is included in Decision Logic’s Labor Scheduling package.

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