How do I update the Hot Item IvA Reporting on V6?

This article is for Decision Logic Administrators who need to update the Hot Item IvA Reporting on Decision Logic’s V6 platform.

Update Hot Item IvA Reporting

If an order is received for a Hot Item after counts have been entered and posted, you will need to Update Hot IvA. It’s easy and quick!

You can find this page by navigating to Maintenance > Product > Update Hot IvA.

  1. Select the Company, Region and Group followed by the Date.

  2. Check the box next to the Store you need to update

  3. Select Update.


  4. Click OK on the confirmation pop-up box.

Running this update can also correct missing Ideal Quantities.  If your user permissions do not allow you to access this page, the alternative option is to open your Hot Item Inventory and update the count.

Suppose an order is received with a Received Date prior to the most recently posted Hot Item Inventory. In that case, an update will need to be run to recalculate the Hot Item IvA with this purchase included. Therefore, choose the date after the purchase.


If I on 01/03 I received an order with receive date 01/01, I would run Update Hot IvA for 01/02 to recalculate the data with the newly received order.


Hot Item IvA Calculation

Using the same format as Ideal vs. Actual (IvA) Reporting



Ideal vs. Actual (IvA)

Ideal vs. Actual is the amount used compared to the ideal amount used.  This is found by using the following formula:

Beginning Inventory + Purchases - Ending Inventory = Actual usage

Actual usage - Ideal usage = Variance

Ideal Usage

Ideal usage is the quantity entered for each Menu Item recipe multiplied by the Menu Item sales from the Menu Mix reporting pulled from the POS System.

Helpful Tips

  • Sales should be posted in Decision Logic on the End of Day page or the DSR for the day before the ‘Beginning Inventory’ date selected.

  • Orders need to be received for the day before the Beginning date you select.

  • If using the EBR method to receive orders, the Invoice will also need to be sent from the Distributor.

  • Post at least two Inventory counts for items to get the Beginning and Ending Inventory reporting. These Inventory counts can be two consecutive dates or any two dates that have Inventory entry.

  • Hot Item report shows a single entry line. The amount is the sum of all inventoried items.

  • Prepped food Hot IvA reporting rolls up into the total ingredient amount under the Raw Ingredient. Therefore, if you are taking Inventory on a prepped item, you also need to add the Raw Ingredients to the Hot Item IvA inventory.

  • The Hot Item Inventory list does not show all Inventory locations and cannot be sorted but will follow the “sheet-to-shelf” order established in a store’s primary Inventory Guide.

  • Inventory items can be counted in multiple locations, but you will enter one total quantity. This is because Hot Items will only report once. This also applies to taking Hot Item Inventory via the Manager’s Toolbox mobile app.

Hot Item IvA Requirement

Hot Item IvA report rolls up any prepped items to report under their raw ingredient. The raw ingredient also needs to be enabled as a Hot Item to get roll-up reporting for the prepped items. 

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