How do I approve or deny an Inventory Change Request (V6)?

This article shows Decision Logic Administrator or above store-level managers how to approve or deny an inventory change request on the V6 platform.


Only users with inventory change permissions can edit a posted inventory.  Users without inventory change permissions will submit a change request.

Decision Logic Administrators will approve or deny requests to change inventory after the inventory is posted.  The inventory changes are tracked in Decision Logic’s platform.  The inventory change tracking feature gives managers and above-store managers insight into who requests changes, how often requests are, and why inventory counts are being changed.



Check out this quick video on how to approve or deny change requests, or keep reading.


Approve or Deny Change Request

Decision Logic recommends that all requests be submitted and approved for accuracy in the Cost of Goods Sold for the week. Follow the steps below to approve or deny a store’s request to change a posted inventory.

Navigate to:

Operations > Inventory > Inventory Change Tracking

  1. Select the Company, Region, Area, and Store.

  2. Define the Date Range.

  3. Select either Store or Product filter from the dropdown.

  4. Click Apply.


  5. Click the Store link.


  6. Click Approve or Deny for each item.



Changes are applied to the relevant reports once approved.


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