How do I place an order using the Digital Manager mobile app?

This article shows operators how to enter an order using Decision Logic’s Digital Manager mobile application.


Users can enter and send orders to electronically integrated distributors through the Digital Manager mobile application. Internet connection must be stable on the mobile device to enter and send orders.  Users will be unable to post orders if the internet is not connected or is unstable.

Orders can start on Decision Logic’s web browser or Digital Manager mobile app and continue on either the web or mobile app. 

Additionally, users can enter an order on the mobile app for non-integrated distributors, and it will sync to the web browser.  However, users must still contact the non-integrated distributor to place the order.



  • View distributors (both electronic and manual) and choose delivery dates based on their schedule

  • Start orders by distributor

  • View item metadata, by location, in order within location, and easily navigate between locations

  • View details on an in-progress order and display order measure type (i.e. case, each, lbs, etc.)

  • Look up items by name across any location

  • Ability to enable Predictive Ordering and Calculator features

  • Save updates locally until you upload or choose to start a new order

  • Sync order to the server prior to submitting

  • Display summary page prior to submitting order for additional confirmation



Check out this quick video n how to enter an order through the Digital Manager mobile app.


Enter New Order

Be sure you have a stable internet connection.

  1. Log in to the Digital Manager mobile app.

  2. Tap Ordering.

  3. Select a Store if you have access to multiple stores.

  4. Tap New Order.

    1. In Progress:  The order is not posted. Either complete the unposted order or start a new order.

    2. If users start a new order while another order is In Progress, a message will appear.  Confirm if you want to create a new order.  Doing so will lose the progress and entries for the In Progress order.

  5. Tap a Distributor.

    1. Users can also search for distributors in the search bar.

  6. Tap Next. Tapping Next, Previous, or close will capture your entry.

  7. Select a Delivery Date.

  8. Tap Create Order.

  9. Tap an Item.

  10. Enter the order quantity for the packsize displayed.

    1. Broken Cases can be ordered by the case or each. Users will select either Case or Each and enter the quantity.

  11. Tap Next, Previous, or Close to save your entry for that item.

  12. Enter the remaining quantities for items needing order.

    1. Switch Locations by tapping the location.

  13. Tap Review.

    1. The review page displays an Estimated Total Cost for the order.

  14. Tap Post.


Electronically integrated distributors will receive the order, and the order entry will send to Decision Logic’s web platform.

Non-integrated distributors will not receive the order.  Users will need to reach out to the distributor to place the order.  However, the entered order will send to Decision Logic’s web platform.

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