How do I log Waste on the Digital Manager mobile app?

This article shows operators how to log waste for the Waste Sheet Reason report using Decision Logic’s Digital Manager mobile application.


Waste Sheet is an operational tool where users can record wasted items for an actionable, digital record. The Waste Sheet feature on the Digital Manager mobile app easily allows managers to log waste while on the go. In addition, logged waste from the mobile app will appear on the Waste Sheet Reasons report.



Check out this short video on entering waste on the Digital Manager mobile app, or keep scrolling to read the steps.


Table of Contents

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Enter Waste

Be sure you have a stable internet connection.


  1. Log in to the Digital Manager mobile app.


  2. Tap Menu.

  3. Tap Waste Sheet.

  4. Select a Store.

  5. Tap a Date.


  6. Tap Add Waste.


  7. Search for an Ingredient or a Menu Item.

    1. Each item on the list denotes if it is an Ingredient or a Menu Item.

    2. Ingredient: Individual ingredients, such as bacon or lettuce.

    3. Menu Item: Menu Item listed on the menu, such as Kid Burger or Southwest Salad. This includes all ingredients used to build the menu item.


  8. Tap an Ingredient or Menu Item.

  9. Tap Add.


  10. Select the Measurement Type.

  11. Enter the Quantity.

  12. Tap Next.


  13. Select a Reason from the dropdown.

  14. Enter a Comment.

  15. Tap Done.



The added waste will appear, and users can add additional items as waste. Tapping Back brings the user to the main Waste Sheet page.