How do I reset my Forgotten Password to the Employee Central mobile app?

This article shows employees how to reset their forgotten password to the Employee Central mobile application.



Employees with access to the Employee Central mobile application can reset their passwords through the Employee Central mobile app. Employees will need to have the mobile app downloaded on their mobile devices to access the Forgot Password link. The Forgot Password link is how employees will begin the steps to reset their password.

The forgot password reset link can be sent to either the employee’s email or cell phone number that was used to invite the employee to join the mobile app and create their account.


The password reset link expires after 1 day. If more than 24 hours have passed since the request for a forgotten password, employees must place a new request.

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Forgot Password

After an employee opens the Employee Central mobile app, follow the steps below to reset the password:


  1. Tap Forgot Password.

  2. Enter the Email Address or Phone Number associated with the account.

    1. Employees will enter the email address or phone number sent to the original, or updated, invitation. The email address or phone number is managed in Employee Roster by users with Employee Roster permission on Decision Logic’s web browser platform.

  3. Tap Reset Password.

    1. A link will be sent to the email address or phone number entered.


  4. Tap or click Reset Password.


  5. Enter and Confirm a New Password.

  6. Click or tap Reset Password.


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