Decision Logic Administrator, Maintenance & Operations

This page gathers articles that are typically used to support users with Decision Logic Administrator permissions, users with change permissions to various maintenance features, and additional operations-related tasks.

Additionally, this page will point you to articles about supply chain needs. Supply Chain is a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer.

This list is not all-inclusive, and other articles may be searchable throughout the Customer Knowledge Base that may better assist.


Web Platform

What is the New Store Onboarding process?

New Store Onboarding - Quick Reference Hunger Rush Guide

Adding Menu Data

Bid File Maintenance

Budget Report Maintenance

Company Hierarchy

Decision Logic OData API Documentation

Distributors Maintenance


Employee Maintenance

Franchisor Maintenance

How can I grant franchisee admins to manager their own users?

How can users define their homepage & add or remove favorite pages?

How do DL Admins update a user’s login password, username, or email address?

How do I add, edit or convert Bid File Multipliers?

How do I add, edit, delete, or terminate a Manager’s access to End of Day?

How do I add, enter, and print Prep Sheets?

How do I add or edit Stores, IUT Partners, and manage Order Guides, Distributors, & Inventory Sets?

How do I add or manager Labor Templates (Maintenance) for the Labor Scheduler?

How do I assign pages & dashboards to users or profiles?

How do I configure the DC Report Card?

How do I create & maintain Inventory Sets?

How do I create and manage Report Groups (Maintenance)?

How do I create and manage products and stores on the Order Guide?

How do I enable Notifications?

How do I reconcile cost & variance related reporting after a Bid File Update?

How do I view the status of payroll or missing labor days (Process Payroll)?

Ingredient Management


KDS Maintenance

Menu Item Grouping

Menu Maintenance

News Maintenance

Point of Sale Integration

POS Admin

PPC Maintenance

Prepped Items

Prep Sheet Guide Maintenance & Setup

Prep Sheet Guide Setup

Recipe Book User Manual

Supply Chain Maintenance Workflow

Where & how do I create profiles?

Where & how do I create users?

Where can I view the User Access Report?

Where do I view and edit COGS Maintenance?

Which accounting method is used to determine product cost in reports?

Calendar Management

How do I update the Hot Item IvA Reporting?

Shelf Extensions

What and where is the Payroll Report?

When do I need a DL update & how do I do it?





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