Decision Logic Formulas


Cash Accountability

  • Gross Sales = All System Sales –  exclusive taxes + inclusive taxes
  • Net Sales = Gross Sales  – Voids
  • Net Net Sales = Net Sales – Comps – Discounts
  • Cash Accountability = Net Net Sales + Taxes + Gifts (Gift Card Sales + Service Charges + Order Charges) + Paid Ins - Paid Outs - (Gift Card Payments – Non-Cash / Non-check Payments)
  • Cash Over and Short = Cash Accountability - Deposit
  • Net Net Sales will match most POS Systems NET Sales. Some Point of Sale systems has custom Net calculations. Work with your Point of Sale and Decision Logic to determine any differences between reports. 
  • Total Amount of Billable Product line not reported in Decision Logic 
  • Inclusive Taxes are included in the Gross Sale by the Department of the Item Sold

par Brink System Validation

For customers who have customized their par Brink System sales

  • Decision Logic DSR Gross == Brink "Total Item Sales"
  • Decision Logic DSR NET Sales == match Brink Net Sales (also a match with Brink Taxable Item Sales + Non-Taxable Item Sales)
  • Decision Logic NET NET Sales == may not appear to be on the Brink "Sales Summary" report. Decision Logic will reduce NET Sales by Discounts and Promos. 

Food Cost Percentage

Usage = Beginning Inventory + Purchases - Ending Inventory 

Usage / Sales = Cost of Goods %


Actual Usage = Beginning Inventory Quantity + Purchases Quantity - Ending Inventory Quantity 

Product Variance = Actual Usage - Ideal Usage (POS Product Mix) 

Efficiency = Variance / Ideal Usage 

Labor %

Labor Percent = Labor Dollars / Net Sales * 100%

(warning) Note, your COGS pulls usage as Net Sales $ from the DSR

(warning) Note, your Hot Item pulls menu item usage 

(warning)Note, Under COGS Reconciliation, the order total and invoice total are summarizing the whole invoice instead of by account category, as a result of the COGS Maintenance sections having all the food categories going to the same PPC account of COGS food; the PPC Accounts is the cost of sales food.

(warning)Note, Decision Logic does not track cash payments. Cash payments should not be mapped in POS Admin, as a best practice. Doing so will cause your Cash O/S to be inflated. We do calculate cash using the following formula: 
Cash Payments Calculation = Net NetSales + Net NetTaxes - all other Payments types mapped in POS Admin (such as your credit cards and gift cards). If your POS  as a Credit and Cash Summary Export, it can differ from the standard formula.

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