Line Check History

Use the Line Check History report page to view a detailed history of all line checks performed across the company. depending on your access level. 

Start by navigating to Reports > Line Check > Line Check History

  • Stores will be listed in alphabetical order along with the number of line checks completed out of the total number of line checks for that day. 
  • Stores can be assigned to multiple schedules and each schedule can have multiple times for completing line checks which will increase their total number displayed on this report.  

Store Level History Detail View

  • To see detailed line check history for a store, click on the View button for the store you want.
  • By default, the report will include all items from each scheduled Line Check for that store.
  • Starting with the earliest line check the report will list each Item followed by the corresponding Check Type that was completed, Results for that item, Time when the check was completed and the User who completed the line check, along with any Comments.
    • Comments can be set to be required for specific items under the maintenance page.
    • Items may be listed multiple times if they have multiple check types per schedule. 

Filter Toggles

  • To filter the report select one or both of the available toggles. Green indicates the toggle is on and the filter is being applied. 

Show Failed Only:

  • This toggle will filter the report to only display items that failed the Line Check. 

Show Temperature Only:

  • This toggle will filter the report to only display items that are assigned a temperature check type, regardless of whether they passed or failed the Line Check.

Both Option

  • You can also filter by toggling on both Show Failed and Show Temperature Only 

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