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Email Reporting we will send sales and system reports straight to your inbox. Email Reporting gives you the ability to customize the email schedule and recipients for your report subscriptions. You can add recipients and groups and control who receives the email reports that you set up. Talk to your Account Manager for more information on setting this up for your stores.

Getting Started

To add this to your profile navigate to Profile Maintenance > Assigned Pages > select add "Email Reporting" to the profile found under Maintenance > Company > Email Reporting

  • Make sure to set the security to change if you are responsible for maintaining these reports

  • The scope should be set to ALL 

Email Subscriptions

Missing Menu Mix

Aloha Point of Sale may require a regrind of files before re-sending. Check with Aloha on steps to re-grind.

 The Missing Menu Mix report is not available to be scoped by the CRAS (company, region, area, store) instead it sends everyone data for all stores. 

POS Exceptions

  • This will show a list of POS IDs we are getting that need to be mapped in POS Admin for DSR and End of Day reporting or Menu Maintenance for Ideal/Theoretical and Menu Mix Reporting

  • Map the Missing Value in the report to your  POS Admin or Menu Maintenance based on the Type of missing value noted in the report. 

    • To determine the description please refer to your POS Daily Sales Report or Database Set Up. 

  • If the Type is Menu Mix, those are unmapped menu Items that should be added to a Menu Set in Menu Maintenance.

    • Menu Set > Store assignments are checked to ensure all exceptions are accurate

    • You will also want to check that these new menu items have a recipe added in Menu Maintenance / Recipe Book

  • Payment Type with Value id 1 should never be mapped that is typically a payment id for cash. Mapping cash or check payment id will cause an imbalance in your Decision Logic Formulas#CashAccountability on the DSR and End of Day.

  • Aloha Reduction Types for clients running UDT Task Version a reduction above 10000 will be mapped as a VOID while anything else below 10000 will be mapped as type: COMP both under the Reduction Tab in POS Admin

Example POS Exceptions report:





Missing Value


Example Store





Example Store




Week-to-Date Sales

  • This will show all the store's week-to-date sales information.

Enable Subscriptions or Change the Scope, Frequency or Emails


  1. Create a new report by clicking the New button, then choosing the options from the popup box.

  2. Select Edit to Add or Edit a subscription and update the schedule of delivery to your inbox.

  3. Emails can be sent on a weekly or hourly schedule.

Define Recipients

  • Use the "Recipients" tab to add users who will be able to receive email reporting, then, assign them to a Report Group

  • This tab is where you add or edit the email address of the recipients.

Report Groups

Use the "Report Groups" tab to set up groups of users for easy recipient management.

  1. Create a new Group

  2. Assign recipients by moving each recipient from the left to the right under Assigned recipients 

  3. Select save