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Purpose & Common Uses

A shift card is a helpful tool that managers can use to review posted shifts, or for all staff to review, or to print each week’s schedule.

This condensed, daily view adds transparency to who is working throughout the day and also provides the following insights:

  • Who is working each day

  • What Schedule each employee is assigned to

  • The employee’s job role

  • The employees scheduled hours

  • The start and stop time for each employee’s shift

  • Each employee's Performance Sheet Score

The Score on the Shift Card is commonly used to determine:

  • The priority of what servers will get assigned to the preferred sections

  • The priority of who to cut first

  • Employee prizes, bonuses, and contest entry

Table of Contents

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How to Use This Page

Viewing and Printing Shift Cards

  1. On the left side of the Calendar, select any date in the week for which you wish to view the Shift Card.
    The date with Red Highlight is the current day.

  2. Select Shift Card at the top of the page.
    The shift card page shows all schedules that are posted for the date that you chose.

    1. Check the Show Total Hours box to show the number of hours an employee is scheduled to work per shift.

    2. Check the Skip Printing box to exclude the schedule from the printed copy.

  3. Select Print Shift Card at the top-right, next to the Store drop-down option.

Shift Cards for unpublished schedules can be printed, but the printed schedule will be watermarked as DRAFT

Score Calculation

Performance Sheets are used to evaluate employees on various metrics per shift worked.

The score that appears on the Shift Card is based on the following criteria:

  • The employee’s average score for the previous Labor Week

  • Average score per Job Role worked

The score is not shown if the employee does not have shifts worked for the role in the previous week.


Using the screenshot above as an example:

  • Employee John Doe is scheduled 1/28 for a Bar AM shift on the Bar Schedule

  • They worked the following schedule the previous week and received the following scores via Performance Sheet Entry:
    Mon: Bar AM - Scored 96
    Tue: Floor - Scored 82
    Wed: Bar AM - Scored 84
    Sat: Bar PM - Scored 90
    Sun: Bar AM - Scored 81

  • Employee John Doe’s average score for the Bar AM role is 87

  • Calcuation to get the average score: (96 + 84 + 81) / 3 = 87