Manager's Toolbox (MT) - Inventory

The Decision Logic Manager's Toolbox mobile app helps restaurant operators complete accurate inventory tracking and counts on the go! Your entire restaurant can now count everything at once, location by location. No more spreadsheets or clipboards!

Mobile App Features

  • Count inventory on a tablet or smartphone

  • Multiple users can take inventory at once

  • Save as you go with our Sync functionality

  • See Ideal vs. Actual Variance at the finish

Video - Mobile Inventory

Check out this short video on counting inventory with the mobile app. Prefer to skip the video? Then keep reading to see the step-by-step instructions.

Getting Started

Start by downloading Decision Logic Manager's Toolbox. The link also walks you through how to configure and log into the app.

 Be sure the tablet or mobile app is connected to Wi-Fi. Once the inventory is started on a tablet or mobile app, it may become disconnected from a Wi-Fi signal. Counts will save locally to the device until selecting Sync or Post. Double-check it’s connecting when you’re ready to sync and/or post. You will be unable to post without a reliable signal.

Once you are logged in, you will see an Inventory selection on the main landing page. Depending on the features your company has enabled, the home screen may show options for Inventory, Line Check, Ordering, and Waste Sheet. 

Begin an Inventory Count

  1. Begin by choosing the applicable Current Store and clicking Inventory from the home page.


  2. Select an inventory date from Start Inventory. If you need to continue work on an already started inventory count, you would select the inventory that is In Progress. The mobile app will show inventory dates up to 7 days. HOT inventories are those that require more frequent counting, such as daily.

  3. Input count amount based on pack size, which is set up during the implementation phase. Items are sorted by Location. Swipe to move to the next Location. There is also a calculator to help you if needed.

  4. Click OK to move to the next item on the list to count.


  5. Once all items are counted, you can either Sync (if multiple teammates are working on the order) or click Review. NOTE: If more than one person is working on a count, only one person can Post the inventory.


  6. Once you click Review, a popup box will appear asking “Are Yure Sure?”. Click yes.


  7. Items that were missed during your count will be highlighted in red. Make any changes before you Post.


  8. Once inventory is reviewed, click Post.


  9. Another popup box will appear to verify your final submission. Click yes.


  10. You will be directed to the items that are counted and will see the subtotal for the line items. You have completed your inventory order!


Want to verify your inventory is complete?

  1. Navigate back to the home page by selecting the Menu icon.


  2. Select Main Menu followed by Inventory (image not shown).

  3. Here you should see the inventory you completed grayed out. This indicates it cannot be edited and has posted.


Inventory Reminders

  • The Inventory dates displayed show both weekly inventory and Hot Item entry from 7 days before to 1 day ahead of the current date.

  • For weekly inventories, you will not see that available to count until 1 day before it is time to Post.

  • Only 1 team member should Post. Otherwise, there will be errors.

  • Hot Item counts are daily counts and indicated with the word HOT

  • Posted inventories will be grayed out and cannot be opened from the mobile device. Instead, they are opened from the web platform via Inventory Home.

  • Inventories are separated into “In Progress” and “Start Inventory” statuses.  

  • The “In Progress” category represents any inventory that has been started. 

  • The “Start Inventory” category represents available inventories that have not started. 

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For additional questions or assistance, please submit a support ticket by visiting the Decision Logic Service Center.