Decision Logic Sales

The Decision Logic Sales Product provides customers with insight into their POS data.  The UDT Client pulls data from the POS nightly at the designated time.  This is then pulled into Decision Logic.

ProductFeaturesProblems Product SolvesCustomer Value
  • Point of Sale Integration
  • Revenue
  • Comps
  • P-mix
  • Cash Deposits and Cash O/S
  • Integration into other ordering tools
  • Guest Count
  • Where can I see my POS Data normalized and at an enterprise level?
  • Where can I find historical and comparison data for both enterprise and store level?
  • How can I have insight and manage my store's comps, discounts, promotions?
  • Where can I get visibility into all of my store's deposits and cash o/s?
  • How can I see how many of each menu item I am selling?
  • How can I see my Guest count and compare to sales?
  • Easily track performance
  • Gain insight into trends
  • Enterprise Data on Demand
  • Insight into store operations
  • Improve performance
  • Measure success

Daily Sales Report 

A summary of weekly sales information. The DSR can be found in the site menu under Operations > End of Day > DSR.


The EOD and EOD process uses the cash accountability formula to calculate cash over short.  It also displays all sales information such as Labor Hours, Paid Ins, Paid Outs, Weather Reporting, Gross Sales, Voids, Complaints, Net Sales, Netnet Sales, Discounts, Order type sales, Taxes, Gift Cards sold and Gift card sales, Receipts (Credit Card Payments).  This data can be manually entered or pulled from the POS. 


Decision Logic's Custom Reports is a tool for users to access sales and labor reporting, by creating custom back-office reports where you can drill down into sales and labor reporting categories. 

Missing Files

Missing Files report displays any missing files that have not been reported in Decision Logic.  The Missing Files report is located under Administration > Missing Files > Missing Files.

Menu Mix Reporting

Menu mix or P-mix reporting displays POS Product mix in multiple formats.  This includes Menu Mix Comparison, Menu Mix All Categories, Menu Mix by Day, and Menu Mix by Product.  These reports are located in Decision Logic under Reports > Menu Mix.

Other Reports 

There are multiple other reports that contain strictly sales information including Current Sales and History, Day Part Sales, Rollup Reporting, and Dashboards.

All training videos are located in the /wiki/spaces/CKB/pages/1121779733