Decision Logic Workforce

Decision Logic Workforce allows managers to engage their workforce while improving the efficiency of your operations by utilizing the Decision Logic Workforce. The Workforce platform provides a single point of entry for sensitive employee information to ensure accuracy and security.  It allows stores to optimize labor costs by scheduling to meet demand through the predictive labor scheduling platform.

ProductFeaturesProblems Product SolvesValue

How do I approve a new employee for onboarding?


Employee Central Mobile Application

Employee Labor Scheduling


Process Payroll - V5

  • How much do I spend on labor compared to restaurant sales?
  • How can I get a better insight into how my managers are scheduling stores?
  • How can I efficiently see time punch records to ensure employees are working what they are scheduled?
  • How can I get employee data as a single point of entry (Employee Onboarding)?
  • Optimize Labor Costs
  • Enforce Scheduling Standards
  • Single Point of Entry for employees
  • Labor Variance Reporting
  • Scheduling to meet demand

All training videos are located in the /wiki/spaces/CKB/pages/1121779733