How do I manually receive orders?

This article will show operators how to manually receive orders not placed through the Decision Logic platform.


Decision Logic provides flexibility when receiving orders not placed through our platform.

Managers will ‘receive from order guide’ when they order with a distributor not electronically integrated with Decision Logic.

For example, you place an order with the local produce company over the phone.

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Manually Receive Order

Operators need to have an invoice for all orders.  Receiving orders in Decision Logic is a way to account for the product you ordered to generate the most accurate Cost and Variance reports. This includes orders not placed directly from the Decision Logic platform.  You will manually create an invoice to receive the order through the platform.

Begin by navigating to:

Operations > Direct Order Entry > Ordering Home > Enter Manual Receive


  1. Select the Company, Region, Group, and Store.

  2. Choose Receive from Order Guide for the Receive Method.

  3. Select the Distributor.

  4. Click Next.


  5. Select the date Received (delivered to your store).

  6. Input the Invoice # from the paper invoice sent with the delivery.

  7. Check the “Create Invoice” box.

  8. Select the Invoice Type.

  9. Input the Invoice Total.

  10. Click Next.


  11. Enter the Quantity amount for each item you received per Category

  12. Verify the Extended Price is correct.  Update the extended price if needed.


  13. Click Review.


  14. Click Post Received. Manually receiving will generate an order number in Order History. In addition, the invoice will appear in Invoice History



Affected Reports

Receiving orders impacts:

It is essential that you carefully review the orders you are receiving and receive them when the order is delivered.


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