Decision Logic Documents gives users the ability to create folders, add, remove, archive, and organize, download important documents straight to the Decision Logic platform.  
  • Shared drive space that's only visible to users who have access to Decision Logic.
  • Latest versions, will always see the most recent documents and receive the information they need.

To access Documents navigate to Operations > Documents.

Documents location is a great place to store your:

  • DL Best Practices
  • Company training manuals
  • Bulletins to Franchisees 
  • Accident forms
  • Frequently called numbers lists 

Technical Requirements

  • max file size: 256MB
  • file types: doc, docx, txt, rtf, xls, xlsx, pdf, ppt, pptx, ipg, ipeg, ipe, png, mov, mpg, mpeg

Creating Folders

  • Create a new folder by selecting + Add Folder.
  • Enter a Folder Name and Save.
  • Folders will appear in alphabetical order on the left.

Open, Rename, and Delete

  • Select a folder to Open.
  • Hover over the folder name to Rename.
  • Use the trash can icon to Delete a folder.

Adding Documents

To add documents to your folder:
  • Select an existing folder.
  • Select Browse or + File.
  • Select Save to add a document to the selected folder.

Moving Documents

  • Open the folder containing the document.
  • Click and drag the item you want to move to another folder.

(star) Note, the document name is populated with the name of the file. 

  • To change the name of the file select the document name text box and replace with the new text. 

Table of Contents

For additional questions or assistance please submit a support ticket by visiting the Decision Logic Help Center.

All training videos are located in the /wiki/spaces/CKB/pages/1121779733