How do I set up my Line Check from sheet to shelf?

This article shows managers how to organize and sort their daily Line Check items.


Managers can organize and sort their line check from sheet to shelf. Line Checks are typically used to help managers verify that food products are stocked and held at the correct temperature and equipment is working properly. Other examples for Line Check use are to confirm floors are mopped, equipment cleaned or stored correctly, etc. Decision Logic Administrators determine which items need to be on a line check. Often, restaurants will have multiple line checks throughout the day.

Sheet to shelf is when you sort a guide to reflect your store or kitchen layout.  Sorting and organizing your line check will help you quickly find items when entering a line check. Managers begin by creating locations, such as salad station or sandwich station. After creating locations, managers will drag and drop available line check items to a location. You can add one ingredient to multiple locations. For example, cheese may be on both the salad and sandwich station.


Watch this video to learn how to sort your Line Check from sheet to shelf.


Add Location(s)

Organizing and storing your line check occurs on Decision Logic’s platform through the web browser. Locations are “areas” of your store or kitchen, such as grill station, fry station, prep area, etc. Once logged in, navigate to:

Operations > Line Check > Line Check Setup


  1. Select a Store if access to multiple stores.

  2. Click Add Location.

  3. Name the location. Location names cannot be edited once created.

  4. Click Save.



Add Item(s) to Location(s)

After completing steps 1-4 from above, follow the steps below to add an item to a location.


  1. Drag and drop an ‘Assigned’ or ‘Unassigned’ item into a location or multiple locations.

    1. Assigned: The item is assigned to at least one location.

    2. Unassigned: The item is not assigned to any location.


Remove Location(s)

Users can remove a location by clicking Remove for the individual location. Removing a location will unassign any items associated with that location.



Sort Items in Location(s)

After items are assigned to a location, users can begin to sort each location from sheet to shelf. From the Line Check Setup page, follow these steps:


  1. Click Edit next to a location with items.

  2. Drag an item up or down to sort the order.

    1. Click Remove to remove (unassign) an item from a location.



Sorting a line check will reflect in the Digital Manager mobile application. In addition, users can enter line checks on the web browser and mobile application.

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