Sysco EDI (Integration) Ticket Standard Operating Procedure

The standard process for requesting a resend for an invoice or a price file/catalog is the following:

Requesting Support/Help for Customers

The process below is for opening incidents/tickets with the Sysco Service Desk (CSG) regarding electronic files (EDI or Non-EDI) issues:

Complete the following steps:

  1. Send an email to:  or or call 281-584-1190.
  2. For SAP OpCo’s, ask the support desk to route the ticket to Level 2 Sales SAP B2B team.
  3. For SUS/Legacy OpCo’s, ask the support desk to route the ticket to Level 2 Sales Legacy B2B team.

Requesting an Invoice or Catalog Resend

Use the following guide to help expedite the resend of an invoice or catalog.

  1. Email To — In the To: field of the email, always type or
  2. Insert Subject—In the Subject: field, type: B2B – Request Invoice or Catalog Resend for <add Customer Name>.
  3. Insert Body of Message— B2B Team - Please trigger a resend of the invoices or catalog noted below.

OpCo Number
(or name)

Ship-to Customer#

Invoice Number
(or date range)

Customer # to Send Catalog For

Email or FTP

Missing Item Numbers, Split or Broken Case items

  • Send an email to:  or cc:  your Account Manager or Implementation Manager 
  • Customers will need to provide a list of Sysco item numbers from the Decision Logic Bid File Maintenance#Download that are missing OR that need to be configured as Split or Broken Case items to Sysco
  • Sysco will need to add items and will do so every Friday before 9 am CDT
  • Sysco will need to ensure items are properly formatted for Decision Logic split/broken case setting
    • To do this Sysco must provide two lines for each split/broken case in the .832 file. One line for the case price and a second line for the each price. 
    • Decision Logic can share customer numbers  and item numbers with Sysco IT where this format is working correctly to ensure they apply the same format for each Opco's Integration.