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To Create a new Order Guide navigate to Maintenance > Product > Order Guide 

Create a new Order Guide

  • Under the Order guide tab select New

  • Enter a name for the Guide

  • Select the appropriate distributor from the drop down.  This maps this order guide to the selected distributor. 

Add Products to an Order Guide

  • Under the items tab select add items

  • Search for item numbers for navigating by account to see items available to add to the guide

  • Place a check next to the item you wish to add to place it on the order guide

  • Define the location

Stores will have the ability to drag and drop and organize the item into their store specific order location under the Ordering Home > Guide Setup Tab.

(warning)It is not recommended to remove stores from order guides as it will reset their store level sort 

(star)Note, adding an item to an order guide does not add the item to your Inventory Guide

Adding Stores to an Order Guide

  • Using the Stores tab in Order Guide Maintenance you can assign a location to an order guide.
  • After assigning the stores, the locations will be able to see the order guide in the drop down in Ordering Home when placing orders. 

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