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Enabling Tax tracking for Orders and Invoices

Navigate to PPC Maintenance > Create Sales Tax as an Account

  • Create New Account name: Sales Tax
  • Check Tax box.
  • Enter Account number if needed for Accounting exports.

Assign Sales Tax Account to Vendors

Navigate to PPC Maintenance > Vendor Accounts

  • Assign Sales Tax account to all vendors needing to track Sales Tax.

(star)Note, currently Decision Logic only supports 1 tax account per vendor.

Enter Manual Receive

  • Ordering Home > Enter Manual Receive
  • Select Receive Method: Receive from an Order Guide
  • Select the Distributor to Receive from
  • Check Create invoice
    • It is not necessary to select Vendor to apply a cost since that will be inherited from the PPC Vendor mapped to the Distributor in Distributors maintenance.
    • Enter Amount as total invoice amount (pre tax)
    • Enter Tax as tax amount from the invoice

  • Select Next to proceed to the Order Guide
  • Begin Adding Quantity of items to be received
    • Select Next or a different location from the drop down to add more items
    • Items will display in the Location and order which they are set under Ordering Home > Guide Set Up.

  • Select Review Received
  • Select Post Received

Review the Invoice

Navigate to Invoice History > View invoice

  • The invoice will display with Sales Tax amount

Export the Invoice

Navigate to Exports > PPC Invoices

  • Select your parameters in the Invoice Export interface.

  • Select Export
    • An Excel file will download.
    • Open the excel file.
      • Invoice Export will contain a separate line for Sales Tax


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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