Device recommendations for Decision Logic Digital Manager, Employee Central & Manager's Toolbox mobile apps

Mobile Operating System (OS)

The Decision Logic mobile app works on iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

  • Download on Android from the Google Play Store 

  • Download from Apple Store for iOS 

Other mobile operating systems could be used to access the app via a browser on the device, however, we strongly recommend that clients access Decision Logic mobile tools through the app.

This gives you greater ability to use the app even in parts of the restaurant that have poor internet connectivity, such as in freezers and coolers because your data will be stored on the local mobile device and synced with the server when the internet connection is reestablished.

This helps minimize the risk of data loss.


Consider your staff and their familiarity with the operating system options when making your decision.

Operating System Updates

We recommend that customers keep their devices up-to-date with the latest operating system.

When purchasing a new device, ensure that the device is only three versions behind the latest. 

Mobile Operating Systems Not Supported

  • Windows OS

  • Fire OS (used by Amazon Fire devices)

Brand of Device

Customers have used Samsung, Apple, and Nexus brand tablets and many other Droid devices.

You may want to consider replacement costs as you make your decision, not just the initial purchase price.


Device Specs, Cases & Other Notes

  • Refurbished tablets are also an option.

  • We strongly recommend heavy-duty cases with whatever device you choose.

  • Look for keywords like scratch, break, heat, & liquid, resistant, or proof cases.

  • A 10” screen is a good size to have enough room to complete the actions in the app.

Blue Tooth Temperature Probes for Line Check


  • Decision Logic does not offer discount pricing through mobile device partnerships.

  • We advise you to compare prices between at least two different sources to ensure you are getting the best deal.


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