Where can I find & view Current Sales by Date (CS&H) report, & what historical information does it provide?

This article details how a user can compare current sales to previous sales by date inside the Decision Logic web application (platform) for managers at all levels.


The Current Sales by Date report offers side-by-side comparisons of current sales to last week and last year's sales. Additionally, it proves other insightful metrics involving:

  • Labor

  • Revenue Origins

  • Comps and Discounts

  • Cash Accountability

  • Guest and Transaction Expenditure


  • Identifying trends across regions, areas, and stores

  • Sales forecasting acuity

  • Operations performance review

  • Trajectory analytics

Current Sales by Date reporting is often referred to as Current Sales and History or CS&H



How do I run the CS&H report?

The Current Sales & History (CS&H) allows the user to run the report either as Gross or Net sales and view data by date or period.

Begin by navigating to:

Reports > Sales and Ranking > Current Sales by Date


  1. Select a Company, Region, Area, and Store (CRAS)

    1. Some menus may be greyed out if:

      1. There is only one sub-hierarchal option available for the given selection.

      2. The user viewing the report has a limited Profile Scope.

  2. Check or uncheck the Enforce Weeks box.

    1. Checking the box will enable Period Start, Period End, and Week which will only offer 7-day weeks. These are based on the weekday of the date entered in the Start of Year field.


    2. Unchecking the box disables the weeks' enforcing and will give you a calendar to select the Range Start and Range End.

  3. Once you have made your selections, click Apply. Each time you change your preferences, you must click Apply for those changes to take place.


Year Comparison View

The Year Comparison data only appears if you have checked Enforce Weeks. This section of the report gives a week-by-week comparison to the previous year. The section displays:

  • Current Year Sales and Guests

  • Last Year Sales and Guests

  • Sales and Guest Difference as a percentage



Current Sales & History by Day of Week View

You can view the breakdown for the week or date range selected regardless of whether you enabled Enforce Weeks. However, if Enforce Weeks is disabled, the report will omit Year Comparison and provide all dates in the applicable range.


  • WK Totals (Week) aggregate what is actively displayed.

  • PD Total and YTD Total (Period and Year-to-Date) aggregate the entire date ranges up to the last date displayed.


Day-of-Week comparison dates for last year are generated by using the calendar date minus 364 days.

For example Monday 8/3/2020 minus 364 days = Monday 8/5/2019

Current Sales and History Rollup View

The last section shows the same metrics as the middle section and the applicable totals in a hierarchical breakdown per Company, Region, Area, and Store.

The Rollup section only renders when a Company, Area, or Region is selected and not when an individual store is selected. The sections are titled by the highest level selected.

Company is listed at the bottom, with Regions, Areas, and Stores rolled up above. Each hierarchical level is given an indentation to differentiate them, starting with the level selected.



Clicking on a row will narrow all of the reporting displayed on the page to the chosen selection.




Unable to access this feature in the Decision Logic platform?

  • Contact your Decision Logic Administrator to make Scope and Security adjustments to your user profile or add new features.

  • Some pages are client-specific.