Electronic Distributor Integrations

Decision Logic is proud to support an extensive list of Distributor Integrations. Our list is always growing. Please see a full list of supported distributors at https://decisionlogic.co/integrations/

Adding a store to an existing Distributor integration

  • Integration are developed by Distributor Opco or Division. First confirm the distributor integration you need already exists in your Distributors Maintenance 

  • No development support from Decision Logic should be needed to add restaurants to existing distributor integrations. 

  • Simply add the restaurant to your Distributors Maintenance#DistributorStores and Order Guide Maintenance

  • Contact your distributor requesting they to add your new restaurant to the existing integration.

  • Once your distributor confirms they are posting files to your existing integration co-ordinate your test order

  • You should see Invoices reporting to Decision Logic as soon as the distributor adds them to your integration. 

Adding a new distributor requires custom development. Please speak to your Account Manager to initiate requests.

Adding a new Distributor to your Decision Logic website

  • Begin by contacting your Account manager to submit a request for a new integration.

  • We also recommend reaching out to your distributor as soon as possible to let them know.

  • Once you have collected the requirements (or if you need help collecting requirements) submit a Distributor Integration request to our customer portal here

  • When your request is received it will go into an integration queue to be followed up by our Account Management team to issue a scope of work for the development of the integration. 

  • Once the scope of work is returned signed we can schedule the development of the integration

  • All pre-requisites listed at Distributor Integration Phases and Responsibilities must be met for Decision Logic to deploy an integration.

  • Decision Logic will assist in ensuring  Distributor Integration Phases and Responsibilities are met prior to roll out. 

Requesting an Integration not listed 

Integration File Formats 

If your distributor is not listed on https://decisionlogic.co/integrations/ you will need to request an integration scope of work from Decision Logic.  We will ask they build to Decision Logic File Formats below. You can download these and share with your distributor for scope. 

Order File Format

Invoice File Format

Order Guide (Bid File) Format

Integration Requirements:

Integration Requirements

Definitions and Examples 

Distributor / Vendor Name

A list of all Divisions or Opco's that will be supported

may be a single Distribution center or may be multi-division, opco or distribution support. 

Distributor / Vendor / Opco Number 

may or may not be used

FTP Site (host url)


FTP User Name


FTP Password


FTP Paths to be used for all file types supported


example structure 







File Names

 Order Guide (Bid File)

 If multiple Order Guides are being supported on a single FTP path each file will need to have a unique name 



 If multiple Distributor divisions or Opco's invoices are being supported on a single FTP path each file will need to have a unique identifier in the file name to distinguish the division or opco. 

 Store Account Information

 Store Names

The customer will need to provide a list of stores that will be supported by the integration

Division or Distributor Identifier 

Many distributors required a unique Identifier be sent in the order for the Division or Distributor that will be used in Distributors Maintenance#DistributorStores

Collect this identifier from the Distributor.

Examples of Distributors who require this ID as CUST STORE in Decision Logic  

  • Performance Food Service Opco # 

  • FINTECH Retailer Store ID

  • Cheney Brothers Opco#

  • Fresh Concepts Distributor Number

 Distributor Account Number

Decision Logic CUST ID.

If you are not sure ask the distributor for these. They will be required in Distributors Maintenance#DistributorStores