How do I install the Universal Data Transfer (UDT) Program?

This article is a quick guide to help any Decision Logic user download, install, configure, and use Decision Logic’s data transfer program!


Universal Data Transfer (UDT) is Decision Logic’s program that runs on the same computer as your store’s Point of Sale (POS) system.

Once the program is installed and the StoreID and GUID you are provided are entered, it runs daily to transfer Sales and Labor data from the POS to your Decision Logic website.

The program can then also be opened and used to transfer Sales and Labor data for previous dates with just a few clicks!


UDT Requirements for Decision Logic

  • Ensure the store is added in Decision Logic under Maintenance > Stores.

  • Contact or call 888-358-7728 to coordinate installs with Decision Logic.

  • The helpdesk will provide unique numeric identifiers for StoreID and GUID for each store needing to complete the installation.


Whitelist Firewall

Whitelist the following for both inbound and outbound traffic:

  • through


  • You may need to open Port 443 and 80 prior to making firewall adjustments.

  • Aloha users may also need to allow AlohaBasicLabor.exe to be executed on their server where the UDT will pull from.




Download UDT Program Installers

  1. Open this article using the computer that runs your store’s Point of Sale system. This computer is usually located in the store’s office.

  2. Click the appropriate download package from the options below.

  3. Save the file to your Desktop.

64 Bit

32 Bit

Windows Installs

  • Before running the install, you must be logged into the main back office machine as a Windows Administrator User.

  • Download a 32-bit or 64-bit install package under Installers.


How do I know which one to install?



Installation and Configuration

  1. Double-click the icon to launch the Setup Wizard.

    Installation Icon
  2. Click Next

  3. Enter the Store ID and Store GUID that your company’s Decision Logic Administrator provided you.
    It is easiest to open the email or message you received that contains these credentials on the same computer you are installing UDT on.
    Copy the IDs and paste them into the appropriate fields.
    If you do not have these credentials, contact your company’s Decision Logic Administrator or submit a request with our Decision Logic Service Center.

  4. Click Next
    No changes are needed when Selecting the Installation Folder.
    The default location is c:\programfiles\knowldege management systems\Udt Client
    Decision Logic also uses the company name Knowledge Management Systems (KMS)

  5. Click Next to finish the installation.

    1. The Wizard may take a few moments to complete.

  6. Select Install for Everyone


The UDT Program is now installed and configured!

Once the program is installed, you should expect to see Sales and Labor data in your site at the start of the next business day.


Setup Wizard

How do I run Universal Data Transfer (UDT)?

The article How do I run Universal Data Transfer (UDT)? has a step-by-step guide.

The steps below are for the following Point of Sale systems:

  • Micros

  • Aloha

  • Hunger Rush

  • QuikServe


  1. Desktop Shortcut

  2. Windows Start Menu
    The UDT Client shortcut should be in the Windows Start menu under lists of programs in the Knowledge Management Systems folder.

  3. Find the program in the folder it was installed in
    This is most likely the default location:
    c:\programfiles\knowldege management systems\Udt Client


  1. Check that the Status of the service is Green.

  2. Select a Run Date from the date dropdown.
    The current date is set by default.

  3. Click Process Now.

  4. Click each task to place a check next to each to transmit the data for that task.

  5. Click OK to begin processing.
    Results may take up to 30 minutes to process on your Decision Logic site.




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If you were unable to find a shortcut icon, you can create one!

  1. In the folder that contains the program, right click UDTClient.exe

  2. Select Create a Shortcut

  3. Drag and drop that shortcut to where ever you want it.


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