How do I view the status of payroll or missing labor days?

This article guides Decision Logic Administrators on how to determine if stores have posted payroll or if they are missing labor data before exporting for third-party payroll processing.


Decision Logic simplifies the payroll process by allowing admin-level users to process payroll across multiple locations and view which stores have not posted payroll or are missing labor data.

Permissions needed are:

  • Store Payroll

  • Process Payroll

Table of Contents

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View Payroll Status & Labor Data

Decision Logic Administrators will view stores’ payroll status and labor data from the exact location.  Follow the steps below by navigating to:

Administration > Payroll > Process Payroll

  1. Select Store Parameters.

  2. Select a Date Range for the payroll week(s).

  3. Click Apply.


The Incomplete tab is the default landing page.  If results yield information on the Incomplete tab, the store(s) have not posted payroll for the selected date range.



The Labor Data column provides insight into labor for each day displayed.



  • Blue:  Payroll information flowed into Decision Logic.

  • Red:  Payroll information did not flow into Decision Logic.

  • White:  A future date.


 Missing labor may be due to a store being closed for the day, such as holidays or repairs.


The Posted tab displays stores that have posted their payroll for the date range selected.  It provides the store name, payroll period, when payroll was posted and by whom, and available actions.

Clicking View will take users to the Payroll Report feature.  Clicking Open will open the posted payroll.