COGS Maintenance

COGS Maintenance Objective

The COGS maintenance page serves as the single template for all stores' Cost of Goods reporting in Decision Logic. This page is set up during the implementation of your site.

You can view the Cost of Goods Sold Report by navigating to:

Reports > Cost and Variance > Cost of Goods Sold



  • View Detail

    • Category as Accounting Category

    • Category Section Totals

    • Cost of Goods Dollars

      • Beginning Inventory $ by Accounting Category

      • Purchases $ by Accounting Category

      • Ending Inventory % by Accounting Category

      • Usage $ = (Bi + P - Ei)

      • Percentage of Sales = Usage / Sales



COGS Maintenance Accounting Categories 

Create "Accounting Categories" that will be used for each ingredient or inventoried items Account.

  • Enter Category #.

  • Determine Sort Order of Accounts on the Cost of Goods Sold Report.

  • Select a PPC Account that each Accounting Category should use.

    • this is required for purchases to show up in the Cost of Goods sold report.

    • If a PPC Account does not exist, first make one under PPC Maintenance#Accounts.

  • Define Accounting Method.

    • Market Value.

    • Uses the last received price in the system for price extensions in the Cost of Goods Sold Report.

    • FIFO First In First Out, see link for more information.

  • Enable Display Prices on Order Guides for each Accounting Category.


COGS Maintenance Category Sections

Create a Cost of Goods Sold report template.

  • Create Category Sections.

  • Enable or Disable Show Category Section on Report.

  • Define sections Parent Sections.

  • Define Sales Departments the report will use as a divisor when calculating Usage on the Cost of Goods Report.

Your COGS Rollup view will only show COGS Categories that include at least one COGS Account which has been given a Department assignment in COGS Maintenance.


  • Define Accounting Categories that each section will use when pulling in purchases.


COGS Maintenance Prerequisites 

Before setting up COGS Maintenance, it is best to ensure the following references are complete.

This will ensure you have all the required Accounts and Sales Departments configured for reporting on your Cost of Goods Sold Report. 

Changing Cogs Maintenance 

If you are unsure how to re-design your Cost of Goods sold report, consult with Decision Logic.

Moving PPC Accounts to new accounting categories requires a historical COGS and TvA update.

When to make Changes in COGS Maintenance

Below are some common reasons for changing COGS Maintenance.

  • An Accounting Category needs to be moved out of 1 primary section into another.

    • Example:

      • You have set up the Accounting Category 'Grocery' under Food, but all ingredients in the grocery section should be moved to the 'Bar Supplies' Accounting category.

        • All Ingredients using Grocery need to be reassigned.

        • TvA and COGS Update.

  • An Accounting category is not being divided by the correct sales totals.

    • Modify under Sections > Departments by adding or removing sales departments.

    • A historical COGS and TvA update may be required.

  • E-Invoices are not importing correctly.

    • Some vendors' e-invoices may fail to import if you have set the vendor up to use a PPC Account that is not assigned to an Accounting Category in COGS Maintenance.

    • To resolve:

      • Assign the PPC Account to an Accounting Category in COGS Maintenance.

      • Assign the PPC Account to a Section.