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This article walks operators on entering a line check on Decision Logic’s platform through a web browser.


Line Checks are typically used to help managers verify that food products are correctly stocked and held at the correct temperature. Other examples for Line Check use are to confirm floors are mopped, equipment cleaned or stored correctly, etc. Decision Logic Administrators determine which items need to be on a line check. Often, restaurants will have multiple line checks throughout the day.

Line Checks can be entered in two different ways:

  • The web browser.

  • The mobile application.


Watch the video below for a quick walk-through on how to enter a line check.

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Enter Line Check

After logging in to Decision Logic’s platform through a web browser, begin by navigating to:

Operations > Line Check > Line Check Entry

The Line Check Entry page will display:

  • Line checks that are available for entry.

  • Time the line check should occur.

  • Name of the line check.

  • Notes.

  • Date Posted, if a line check was posted.

  • Actions, such as enter

A green check indicates that the line check was completed. A red triangle indicates that the line check was not finished when viewing past dates.

  1. Click Enter next to a line check.

  2. Enter the information you are asked for each item. Users cannot post until all items have an entry. This may include:

    1. Hot or cold temperature range

    2. Count

    3. Weight

    4. Yes or no

    5. Photo

  3. Enter a comment, if applicable. Comments may be required when an item ‘fails.’ Comment requirements are determined by Decision Logic Administrators.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Give the line check one final review, and click Post.

A success page will appear and reflect on the Line Check Entry page and Line Check History report.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

For additional questions or assistance, please submit a support ticket by visiting the Decision Logic Service Center.