Line Check Setup - Store Level

To set up a store level Line Check sheet to shelf, open the main menu and navigate to Operations > Line Check > Line Check Setup.  

Each store and line check can be customized to its specific locations and location names.

Add a Location

Start by adding locations to your setup.

  • Select Add Location.
  • Add the location name.
  • Select Save.

Sort Items into Locations

After locations are created, sort items into locations and organize sheet to shelf.

  • Select an item in the list on the left.  
  • Drag and drop the item into the appropriate location.

Sort items within a Location

After Items are sorted into a location, then you can sort the items within each location.  

  • Select the item and drag it to the appropriate location.

After the line check is set up by location the store can now enter the line check.  

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