Line Check Temperature Log

Line Check Temperature Log Report 

This report gives you a quick look at the results of temperature checked items by the store for any given date range when checks were completed.

You will also have the ability to export the results for Health Inspection Readiness. 

  • View the report by navigating to Reports > Line Check > Temperature Log
  • Select a Store and Date.


A list of items that are configured as temperature check types. A green check mark indicates success, a red circle indicates failure.


The temperature that was entered on the Line Check Entry screen.


Minimum and maximum temperature range as configured in Line Check Maintenance.


A date and time stamp of when the Line Check was posted.


The username of the user who posted the Line Check.

Line Check Comments

Comments made by the user regarding corrective actions taken or additional explanations or reminders are listed. 

Report Export

Temperature logs can be exported directly from the web page into a spreadsheet. 

To export the information in the report select Export All or Select Export Failed Only to export only items that failed their temperature checks. 

    • Save or open the export depending on your browser settings.

    • Open the download in excel

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