Decision Logic Inventory, Inventory Sets & Guide Locations (V6)

This page will show relevant articles to Decision Logic’s inventory process for our V6 users. The list is not all-inclusive and is ever-growing.


Web Based Platform

What are the features of the Inventory Home page (overview) - V6?

How do I sort my Inventory Guide from sheet to shelf, edit ingredients, & print it (V6)?

How do I enter & post a regular Inventory count (V6)?

How do I enter a Hot Item Inventory & what does that mean (V6)?

How do I request a change to a posted inventory or cancel my request (V6)?

How do I edit or view a posted regular or hot item inventory (V6)?

How do I approve or deny an Inventory Change Request (V6)?

Where can I track & view changes to inventories (V6)?

How do I create & maintain Inventory Sets?

How do I manage Inventory Guide Locations?


Digital Manager Mobile Application

How do I enter regular & hot item inventory through the Digital Manager mobile app?


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