Decision Logic Labor & Scheduling

This page houses articles related to labor, scheduling, and labor-related reporting.


Web Based Platform

How do I create, edit, and post employees' schedules using the Labor Scheduler?

How do I generate and adjust sales forecasting?

How do I approve a new employee for onboarding?

Employee Roster

How do I enable Activity Based Forecasting for labor scheduling?

How do I create, edit, or delete Blackout Dates?

How do I add or edit an Employee’s Availability?

How do I approve or demy Employee Requests?

Labor Scheduling Maintenance

Labor Templates Maintenance

What and where is the Labor Scheduled vs. Actual report?

How do I view hourly sales & labor in the Labor SvA report?

Server Contest Report

Troubleshooting Labor Scheduler


Digital Manager Mobile Application

Where do I view the Shift Card on the Digital Manager mobile app?

How do I approve or deny a Shift Swap on the Digital Manager mobile app?


Employee Central Mobile Application

Follow this link for all Employee Central articles.


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