Server Contest

Server Contest Report 

Located under Reports > Menu Mix > Server Contest Report

The Server Contest Report will include the following fields:

  • Contest Name
  • Begin Date
  • End Date
  • Created By
  • Number of Items 
  • Contest Items
  • Assigned Stores

Server Contest Maintenance

Located under Maintenance > Menu> Server Contest 

Once a contest has been created, you can make changes for that contest using the maintenance page. 

This is where you can edit the contest, edit the items, delete the contest, and add or remove locations. 

Create a new Contest

Select the New Contest Button

  • Enter the Contest Name
  • Contest Beginning and Ending Dates
  • Select the days of the week to apply the contest to.
  • Select the time frame to apply the contest to,
  • Select the menu items to include in the contest. 
  • Save entries.