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Decision Logic 6.3

Feature Enhancements

  • Labor SvA

    • Drill down into shifts by the employee.

  • Sales Forecasting

    • Customize your forecast by

      • Department

      • Daypart

      • Day

      • Hour

  • Performance Tracking

    • Labor Scheduling Shift Card now includes scores.

    • Scores for employees who work shifts that span multiple Day Parts will be entered for the shift where they’re scheduled for the most hours, making performance tracking even more user-friendly.

Decision Logic 6.0

Feature Enhancements

  • New brand

    • Updated logo and colors.

    • See more about our new brand here.

  • Employee Central -Broadcast Messaging

    • Managers can now broadcast information to all employees who have an Employee Central account.

    • Create one-time messages for employees to acknowledge.

    • Create persistent messages to keep content in front of employees.

  • Centralized Sales Forecasting

    • As we move toward using sales forecasting for more than just Labor Scheduling, we have moved the Sales Forecast creation to its own page.

    • Anyone who had access to update forecasts on the Labor Scheduler now has the same access on the Sales Forecasting page.

Bug Fixes

  • Some time off requests no longer cause issues with having a blank screen.

  • Labor SvA shows correct scheduled and actual labor percentages

Decision Logic 5.16

Feature Enhancements

  • Employee Central - Employee Messaging

    • Employees can now send messages to each other within Employee Central.

    • Added House Shifts functionality

  • Labor SvA report

    • Toggle on/off which job codes to show on the report.

  • Labor Scheduling

    • Non-service hours can be toggled on/off when viewing totals on the Labor Scheduler

  • Update label for Gross/Net/NetNet - Contact your Account Manager for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • Invalid inventory quantity entry fix

  • Employee Central email fixes

Decision Logic 5.15

Feature Enhancements

  • Employee Central

    • Employees can sign up with either email address or phone number

    • Employees can update their password via text message

  • Employee Roster

    • Managers can update an employee's email address or phone number associated with an Employee Central account.

  • Revel and Toast POS users can pull data into their Decision Logic website via the End of Day page.

Bug Fixes

  • TvA Store Summary report fixes for non-inventoried items

Decision Logic 5.14

Feature Enhancements

  • Employee Central

    • Managers can now apply blackout dates to schedules. This helps you control which dates are not available to request off.

  • Site Menu search improvements

    • Fuzzy searching and the ability to use tab/arrow keys to navigate the menu.

  • Invoice History speed improvements.

  • Improvements to our Revel and Toast POS integrations.

Bug Fixes

  • Waste Sheet Reasons report now shows the full list of entered items.

  • Fixed a bug with adding Menu Categories.

  • Production Sheet Entry now shows the name of the production sheet you are using.

  • Inventory Change Request comment size updated from 25 to 50 characters.

  • Fixed an issue with Predictive Ordering where the text on a button wasn't visible

Decision Logic 5.13

Feature Enhancements

  • Improvements to our Toast POS integration.

  • Employee Central

    • Employees can now see the full schedule for the day and can tap through schedules for all other days of the week.

  • Bid Files

    • Improved handling of negative bid file prices.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where invoices created from a Manual Receive order had a slightly different total than the order.

  • User Access page now shows the correct Last Login date/timestamp.

  • Fixed an issue with creating new Custom Fields on the Employee Roster.

Decision Logic 5.12

Feature Enhancements

  • Bid Files

    • Catch Weight Receive By method is now configurable on manually created bid file items.

  • Employee Roster

    • The user is now alerted when a duplicate SSN is entered when creating a New Hire.

  • Profile Maintenance

    • Profile store assignments are now updated when Hierarchy changes are made

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Labor Scheduler Shift Card was not viewable.

  • Fixed issues with configuring broken case items.

  • Fixed an issue with the Received Prices page.

  • Various ordering fixes.

  • A Labor Template import issue is fixed.

  • Fixed an issue where using the Create Invoice checkbox when receiving an order created an invoice that had a different total than expected.

Decision Logic 5.11

Feature Enhancement

  • You can now print those Employee rosters.

Bug Fixes

  • We've resolved a permission issue with bid files

  • Fixed an issue with termination comments

  • Fixed an issue with saving Waste Sheet entries

Decision Logic 5.10

Feature Enhancement

  • New integration with the LE Thermoworks probe, updates to ordering on the Manager's Toolbox app and to the Manual Receive process.

Internationalization on the Horizon

  • Decision Logic International is just around the corner! Stay tuned as we continue to update you on this front. Reach out to your account manager if you'd like to see more!

Manual Receive

  • Fixed issue with Manual Receive regarding using Extended Price instead of unit price

  • We've resolved issues with receiving credits where the price was incorrect

  • Issues resolved where received dates were set incorrectly

Manager's Toolbox

  • We've resolved issues regarding sending orders to distributors

  • We now integrate with the LE Thermoworks Probe

Decision Logic 5.9

Feature Enhancements

  • Employee Roster

    • We have a new look and feel to the Employee Roster! Any previous version of the Employee Roster is no longer available. 

    • Employees now receive instructions on how to sign up to Employee Central via the invitation email. 

  • Labor Scheduler

    • Managers can view/approve/add a partial day off via the Decision Logic web application.

  • Employee Central

    • Employees can now submit partial days off when making a time-off request.

  • Manual Receive

    • The Manual Receive page via Ordering Home has a new look!

Bug Fixes

  • Employee Roster

    • Managers can now properly add/edit a store from an employee's list of stores assigned when adding three or more stores. 

  • Price Change Report

    • Fixed issue where Price Change Report occasionally added prices together if bid file updates were receiving in the same minute. 

  • Usage Efficiency Report

    • Raw ingredient waste on Usage Efficiency now properly treats the wasted quantity using the proper measure. 

  • Employee Central

    • Fixed display issue with older iPhones.

  • Production Sheet

    • Fixed display issue.

Decision Logic 5.8

Feature Enhancements

  • Labor Scheduler

    • Users can now view the email address that is configured for employees in the roster

    • Resolved issues with Yahoo, Outlook and Live for Employee Central emails such as account activation and password reset notices

Bug Fixes

  • Updates to Franchisor Maintenance, making it easier to bring on new restaurants

  • Fixed display issues in Line Check and Production sheet

Decision Logic 5.7

Feature Enhancements

  • Employee Roster

    • Managers can now click on a highlighted employee to edit the employee's information.

  • Ordering

    • A new View Order page was added that is currently displayed after receiving an EBR or EIMR order. This new order page is now also displayed when viewing an order from Ordering Home or the Order History page. 

  • Predictive Ordering


    • Predictive Ordering will now properly calculate how many cases are needed for catch weight items.

  • Labor Scheduler

    • Managers can now print the schedule and shift cards even if the schedule is not posted. 

    • Managers can now click at a given time on Daily View and add a 2-hour shift where they clicked.

    • Managers can now click and add a shift, and adjust the shifts in and out times on the Daily View, by dragging the shift to the left or right.

    • Scheduled Overtime will now be accounted for properly in labor percentage calculations.

Bug Fixes

  • Employee Roster

    • You can now properly remove a store from an employee's list of stores assigned. 

  • Managers

    • When editing manager information, the manager is now able to apply and save the Start and Termination Dates. 

  • All Food IVA Report

    • The "By Category" toggle is now properly displaying on the page.

  • Inventory

    • When posting the Inventory, the manager is properly forwarded to the Top 20 Food By Sales % report. 

  • Exception Based Receiving 

    • When a manager chooses Catch Weight as an exception reason for an item, the items unit will switch to case as needed. 

    • Managers can now receive an IUT via Ordering Home if Exception Based Receiving is enabled.

  • Employee Central

    • When a manager clicks on an Employee Central notification in the Decision Logic web application, the notification information is properly displayed. 

  • Labor Scheduler

    • Employee availability is now aligned correctly on the daily view of the schedule. 

    • Last Years Sales and Calculated Sales will now properly populate when starting with a blank schedule.

Decision Logic 5.6

Feature Enhancements

Decision Logic 5.5

  • New Order Receive Process


    • Added the ability to create an invoice through the standard order/receive process for non-electronic vendors.

    • This will allow clients to train a single workflow for the ordering process.

    • Clients utilizing predictive ordering will be able to save a step in having to leave the ordering screen to create an invoice

    • Please contact Account Manager if you would like to have this new process activated for your organization.

  • Non-Service Hour Templates


    • Created a new template type that allows labor scheduling users to specify and track hours scheduled for non-guest facing roles in the restaurant.

    • This provides an additional level of granularity to the scheduling process

  • New Labor Scheduling Printing


    • We updated the schedule printing to make things more readable. 

  • Better error reporting when taking inventory


    • Added new warnings to the inventory page for when invalid or large quantities are entered.

Decision Logic 5.4

Feature Enhancements

  • Labor Scheduler 

    • Labor Scheduler now shows user-entered hours on schedule when no template is loaded for a store.

    • Labor Templates

      • Labor Templates now update when projected sales are manually updated.

  • Budget Report

    • You can now view your budget report as a 4-week outlook. Additionally, you can now set custom *weekly budget fields*. These new *weekly budget fields* allow you to set a re-occurring budget amount for expenses that will report as actual cost each week.

Decision Logic 5.3

Feature Enhancements

  • Labor Scheduler 

    • Managers are now able to toggle between a weekly or daily view when building a schedule.

    • Employee Requests

      • Employee time-off requests can now be sorted by date. 

    • Labor Templates

      • Managers can upload a template to declare how many hours the store is budgeted by week, day, or half-hour.

  • Password Reset

    • Users are now able to reset their password through the login page. In order to do so, they must have an email address associated to their account. Users will be prompted to enter their email address until one has been associated to their account.

Decision Logic 5.2

Feature Enhancements

  • Labor Scheduler 

    • Managers now have the ability to publish a schedule. Until a schedule is published, it is not viewable by my employees that have been added to the schedule. Managers also have the ability to edit a published schedule if needed.  

    • As a manager, when copying the schedule, I receive an indicator if a copied shift conflicts with an employee's availability.

    • As a manager, I am now able to schedule more than 2 shifts a day for an employee.

    • Employee Central

      • Employees will not be able to request days off for dates where there is already a published schedule.  In these cases, the employee will need to go directly to a manager for assistance.

    • Employee Requests

      • As a manager, I can now sort the employee requests by date submitted.

  • New Production Sheet

    • The headers on the New Production Sheet now align properly. All of our ducks are in a row!

  • End of Day

    • For those interested in becoming test partners, we have launched a new End of Day page that consolidates all of the End of Day functions onto one page for ease of use and efficiency. If you would like to test this page out and provide feedback, please contact your Account Manager for more details.  

Bug Fixes

  • Line Check

    • The Line Check Setup screen will now properly show the correct items and counts of items showing in each location as it should. 

  • New Production Sheet Entry

    • Prep Quantity should now properly appear as 0 when an entered On-Hand qty is greater than the Build To amount.

  • Menu Maintenance

    • When moving focus out of the POS ID input field, it will check to see if there is a duplicate.

    • If there is a duplicate it will give a red warning, IE: "POS ID 3154 already exists on Menu Set. Please select a different POS ID."

    • When adding a menu item from the Menu Sets tab, Menu Sets tab > + Menu Items screen, the title will state the Menu Set you are adding to.

  • POS Admin

    • When entering a duplicate value in a field with a leading 0, The 0 will remain after switching tabs and then going back. 

  • Cost of Goods Sold

    • When a store is mapped to multiple distributors the dollar amounts will now properly match what is on the invoice

Decision Logic 5.1

Feature Enhancements

  • Inventory Sets

    • The Select All Checkbox is no longer checked by default when no matching products exist for a defined search.

  • Labor Scheduler

    • A colon is no longer necessary when entering time for a shift in Labor Scheduler, therefore, speeding the process up of building a schedule. Users are now able to enter the time eg 1115 rather than 11:15 or vice versa. Additionally, military time entered translates properly as well as three digits, for instance, 945 or 9:45.

    • Employee Central

      • Employees are now able to request to swap shifts through the Employee Central Mobile Application.

    • Employee Requests

      • Managers are now able to view/approve/reject employee shift swap requests from Employee Central.

  • New Production Sheet Entry & Predicted Prep

    • On the New Production Sheet Entry page, the user can now sort, view and print the items based on their inventory guide location. 

  • Waste Sheet

    • When entering ingredient waste into the Decision Logic website, a filter is now available to exclude all items not linked to the store's inventory set.

Bug Fixes

  • Labor Scheduler

    • Managers are now able to view/change the forecasted sales projections even when sales are not available to provide an accurate forecast. This will alleviate any issues viewing/changing the forecasted sales projections for new stores.

  • Ingredient Management

    • Right-clicking an ingredient more than one time will now always work properly as expected.

  • Menu Maintenance

    • The user will now receive a prompt as intended when attempting to delete an item from a menu list.

    • The copy recipe function once again works properly in Chrome.

  • Email Reporting

    • Managers are able to create new email reporting groups as intended once again.

  • New Production Sheet Entry

    • When hovering the cursor over the Weekly Report link, it will now be readable as intended. 

    • When viewing the Weekly Report, the Production Sheet Entry link will now be readable as intended. 

    • The user no longer gets a white screen when attempting to print a prep sheet following the edit of a Prep Quantity

Decision Logic 5.0

Feature Enhancements

  • Production Sheet

    • In Production Sheet Entry, On Hand and Prep Quantities are rounded to the nearest hundredth.

    • When printing the Production Sheet Entry - On-Hand Sheet, Prep Sheet, and Weekly Report, the NEED and BUILD TO columns are added and contain the right quantities per product.

  • Recipe Book

    • Prepped items will no longer be accessible via Ingredient Management when using Recipe Book. A link to the Recipe Book Prepped Items page is now available via the Ingredient Management page. 

    • When publishing a Prepped Item the user can select a product type from a drop-down, after the change has been published it should be reflected on the ingredient management page for the updated item.

    • Added support for multiple entries of the same ingredient on a recipe. 

  • Employee Roster *BETA

    • The manager has the ability to add, edit, terminate and rehire an Employee via the Employee Roster *Beta.

    • The manager has the ability to filter the employee list via the Employee Roster *Beta.

    • The customer can choose how they want a unique employee to be determined based on either Decision Logic ID, SSN, or Custom ID. This request should be made through the Decision Logic Helpdesk.

  • UI Changes

    • Decision Logic has had a facelift! We hope you enjoy the new look!

Bug Fixes

  • Employee Requests

    • Requests to approve or deny availability no longer occasionally error when attempting to do so.

    • Managers using Internet Explorer will no longer see calendar icons shifting down when creating a time-off request.

  • Reports

    • TvA Store Summary page no longer has a type on the upper left-hand corner.

  • Plate Cost

    • Plate cost will now display a value when the recipe contains items with zero as the recipe or inventory measures.

  • Labor SvA 

    • The date picker display calendar icon no longer overlaps with the date on the date picker display filter.

  • Labor Scheduler

    • Creating a schedule will no longer fail if no sales exist for the store for that date range.

    • Forecasted sales in the labor scheduler should now provide more accurate results based on the last six weeks minus 1 standard deviation from the norm.

  • Production Sheet

    • You will now be able to properly edit a Prep Quantity in the Production Sheet Entry screen and enter a reason for doing so. 

  • Recipe Book

    • If Recipe Book is turned on for a customer, the user should no longer be able to change the name or measure type since prepped items will not appear in Ingredient Maintenance.

    • If Recipe Book is NOT turned on for a customer, the user should still be able to update the name and measure type for prepped items in Prepped Items Maintenance.

    • Recursive prepped items now properly affect predictions.

    • When you change a prepped items yield from a Weight Measure to a Volume measure, you can now properly add recipe and inventory measures. 

  • Waste Sheet

    • The price displayed for an item no longer will be impacted by the date range selected. 

    • On Waste Sheet Entry, a scrollbar now properly appears when adding multiple items. 

  • Prepped Items Maintenance

    • Recursive prepped items now properly affect predictions on the Production Sheet.

  • Ingredient Management

    • After searching Ingredient Management item, the list will default back to "all items".

    • Adding a measure via ingredient management, now adds that measure to Recipe Book.

  • IvA Home

    • Managers now can properly Print Ingredients via the IvA Homepage under Reports > Cost and Variance. 

  • Inventory Home

    • The CRAS and date range at the top of the Inventory Change Request View By Store is no longer truncated at the top.

    • Fixed an issue in the Inventory Guide setup that was causing some locations not to appear. 

  • Bid File Admin

    • Managers should now be able to access the Bid File Admin tab located under Maintenance > Company > Bid File Admin.

Decision Logic 4.16

Apr 25, 2018 

Feature Enhancements

  • Employee Central

    • Employees can request availability changes.

    • Employees can request time off in advance of the schedule being created

  • Labor Scheduling

    • the Employee Availability page has had a facelift.

    • Managers now have the ability to copy shifts.

    • Managers are now able to view employee availability change and time-off requests via the new Employee Requests page.

    • Previous years sales have been added to forecasting.

    • Hours and Labor Percentage are viewable at the same time when writing a schedule.

    • Managers now have the ability to force users to enter a forecasted sales number for the scheduled week. 

    • Some user interface changes have been made based on feedback.

  • Minor Waste Sheet updates and bug fixes

    • Applying waste in one unit will always display in the same unit on the Waste Sheet Reasons report.

    • The price in the Waste Sheet Reasons report will now accurately reflect the amount of waste based on the unit of the item wasted.

  • The Payroll Report "error" fields now properly display as red again.

  • The IVA Home report now properly displays when you select Print Ingredients.

  • The Vendor Portal in Distributor Maintenance has now been removed. 

Decision Logic 4.15

Mar 14, 2018 

Feature Enhancements

Decision Logic 4.14

Jan 31, 2018 

Feature Enhancements

  • Improved look and feel for various Decision Logic pages, including:

    • Inventory Guide Setup

    • Production Sheet

    • Custom Reports

    • DL's Mobile application

    • Managers

    • Order Guide Locations

  • Created 2018 fiscal calendars for all of our clients

Decision Logic 4.13

Dec 12, 2017 

Feature Enhancements

  • The Labor Scheduled vs. Actual report can now be shown in terms of Net Sales or Net-Net Sales. (Contact an Account Manager for more information.)

  • New functionality to Receive from e-Invoice will be released to beta partners. (Contact an Account Manager for more information.)

  • Improved look and feel for the Employee Availability page

Decision Logic 4.12

Oct 31, 2017 

Feature Enhancements

  • The next iteration of the Employee Scheduling Labor module, now with employee availability, overrides on sales/labor/hours based target and can copy from previous schedules

  • Labor Scheduled vs. Actual Reporting page to facilitate scheduling across all levels of the restaurant

  • A brand new Waste Sheet report allowing operators to dig into trends around waste in the restaurant

  • Fresh pages for Shelf Extensions and Non-IvA Usage reports

Decision Logic 4.11

Sep 12, 2017 

Feature Enhancements

  • New Labor Scheduler module (see Employee Scheduling for more detail)

  • Notifications for unmapped invoice items and recently posted orders – all within the Decision Logic site

  • Corrected for an error around time zone and display of Hot Item Inventories

  • Update to the Server Contest Report

  • Plate Cost report altered to change how menu items on multiple menu sets are handled

  • Inventory Guide Setup improved, more user-friendly where the drag & drop is specific

Decision Logic 4.10

Aug 1, 2017 

Feature Enhancements

  • Choose which sections to print on Inventory Guides and on Order Guides

  • Payroll Report now shows a breakout of Regular Hours, Overtime Hours, and Total hours for better readability and quick insight into your labor numbers

  • Now, you can choose to process the budget in Budget Report automatically. Contact us through the Support Portal to get that setting configured for you

  • Date dimension added as a new source option in Custom Reports. See metrics across specific days and use the Date filter to filter based on a date range

  • Recipe Book now allows negative quantities in the ingredient amount field, giving you the ability to setup items as substitutions and modifiers

Decision Logic 4.9

Jun 20, 2017 

Feature Enhancements

  • All-Production Sheet tool (in beta)

  • Applied permissions levels from Profile Maintenance to Custom Reports

  • Added the ability to view data by fiscal year in addition to the calendar year

  • Updated the Decision Logic Mobile Ordering app to allow users to toggle their manual distributors when building a new order

Decision Logic 4.8

Apr 25, 2017 

Feature Enhancements

  • Integrated with talentReef, an HR platform for onboarding new employees

  • Added Labor Groups as a metric in Custom Reports. This will show groups as they are set in the Labor Type Maintenance page.

  • Updated Hot Item IvA report and Hot Item IvA Rollup report. Users can now select a dynamic date range to see data.

  • Redesigned the navigation bar to be slimmer for an improved user experience.

Decision Logic 4.7

Mar 7, 2017 

Feature Enhancements

  • New modern look on the Budget Report

  • New release of Custom Reports, where we added more than 1,100 additional metrics to report against, including various metrics from the following categories:


    • Discount Types ($ Amount)

    • Void Types ($ Amount)

    • Complaint Types ($ Amount)

    • Gift Types ($ Amount)

    • All Payment Types ($ Amount)

    • Labor/Job Types ($ and Hour Amount)

    • Gross Sales By Departments ($ Amount)

    • Gross Sales By Sales Type ($ Amount)

    • Gross Tax By Tax Type ($ Amount)

    • Sales By Order Type ($ Amount)

    • Sales Per Hour ($ Amount and Guest Count)

    • Sales Per DayPart ($ Amount and Guest Count)

  • Made an improvement to how new employees are saved in the Decision Logic system

  • Recipe Book update that applies to saving prepped items and changing the measure on items, also we increased the level of precision for recipe measures

  • Updated Predictive Ordering in the Decision Logic mobile app on iOS and Android

  • Updated Hot Item Inventory in the Decision Logic mobile app on iOS and Android

Decision Logic 4.6 

Jan 24, 2017 

Feature Enhancements

  • Comments online checks can now be left on items as you go in DL Mobile Toolkit for Line Check

  • Update to permissions maintenance for End of Day and Line Check tools

  • Fixed the issue with sort order on Inventory Guides

Decision Logic 4.5 

Nov 29, 2016 

Feature Enhancements

Decision Logic 4.4 

Oct 4, 2016 

Feature Enhancements

Decision Logic 4.3 

Aug 23, 2016 

Feature Enhancements

  • Security updates

  • Started migrating customers to new and improved recipe and menu maintenance tool, Recipe Book

  • Completed a change to how we handle duplicate Employee Numbers/POS IDs in Employee Roster

  • Updated the Payroll Report so that changes made to exceptions in Employee Roster will be shown

  • Added visualizations to Custom Reports (*Beta)

  • Implemented new vendor integrations

  • Updated the Line Check module

Decision Logic 4.2 

Jul 12, 2016 

Feature Enhancements

  • Upgraded our in-app notifications to a new technology

  • Beta release of the digital Waste Sheet operations tool on desktop and mobile

  • Beta release of Custom Reports with ad hoc reporting and analytics capabilities

  • Built a customer-specific training site that reflects real data for use by customer teams

  • More printing improvements

  • Integrated with Brink POS

Decision Logic 4.1 

May 31, 2016 

Feature Enhancements

  • Introduced the Line Check operations module

  • Site-wide colorful masthead & other styling updates

  • Improved workflow on pages like Invoice Entry for validation errors

  • Optimized Inventory Home for faster page load

  • Fix to the News Maintenance HTML editor

  • Enabled short keys for quicker authentication on mobile

  • Added in-site help links to our Customer Knowledge Base articles

Decision Logic 4.0 

Mar 29, 2016 

Feature Enhancements

  • New Variance reporting and an introduction of the Usage Efficiency metric

  • New modern Documents module

  • Browser neutrality improvements

  • Inventory process updates

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