Decision Logic Accounting Platform provides a comprehensive view of restaurant transactions and performance with an actionable Profit and Loss statement and robust restaurant data. Export data into your accounting package of choice with a third-party integration to reduce overhead expenses and remove a double entry.

ProductFeaturesProblem Product SolvesCustomer Value

  • Budget
  • P&L
  • Electronic Invoices
  • Inventory Extensions
  • Flexible Chart of Accounts
  • Localized Invoice Entry
  • How can my stores get insight into their weekly P&L?
  • How can my Invoice data get to my Accounting packages?
  • How can I get my inventory extensions into my accounting package?
  • How can I ensure all order products are assigned to an accounting category?
  • Custom and Actionable P&L
  • Access to Robust Data
  • Declining Budget Analysis
  • Exports

 Budget Report

Decision Logic’s Active Budget Control or Declining Budget allows you to design a customized budget that automatically updates as a result of the daily procedures performed for each store in Decision Logic. The Budget Report gives end users a live P&L based on budgeted and actual amounts by accounts set up in DL.  


Decision Logic Purchases are displayed as invoices under Operations > Purchases > Invoice History, Invoice Log, and Invoice Summary. Invoices can be sent electronically from the distributor, entered with a manual receive or by Invoice Entry.


Decision Logic offers a generic accounting export that can be pushed into most commonly used accounting platforms.

Shelf Extensions

Shelf Extensions are inventory value extensions customers can download into an excel spreadsheet. 

All training videos are located in the /wiki/spaces/CKB/pages/1121779733