Negative Food IvA

What does the Negative Food IvA report do?

Negative Food IvA allows the manager to see the 20 highest negative usage products in order by cost value of variance.

How to Get There

Reports > Cost and Variance > Negative Food IvA

This page is most commonly used for:

  • Ideal vs Actual and Usage Efficiency reporting shows the variance between Ideal Quantity and Actual Quantities.

Table of Contents

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How to Use This Page

Select Parameters

  • Define your Company, Region, Area or Store by using the drop-down.

  • Select From and To dates from the calendars.

The old report displays from the first inventory date to the day before the next inventory date so in order for both reports to be running for the same inventories the new report end date should be one day after the old report. For example: on the previous version of the report IvA would run 08/03/2020 - 09/06/2020. Matching dates selected for the Multiple Calendar version of this report would be 08/03/2020 - 09/07/2020



Select Usage Efficiency to view the Usage Efficiency bar on the Top 20 IvA report.


  • Select Export to CSV to export this report to a csv

  • Select Print to print or save as PDF



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